(powdered) drink reviews

My reviews of Powdered drink mixes, the ones in orange are my favorites

Starbucks VIA colombian packet-  very drinkable!  no grit! ez to use!
Starbucks VIA dark roast packet- meh
Starbucks ICED coffee packet – too heavy in weight and sugared.  Not for me.
Tasters Choice instant packet– pretty good tasting and really cheap
Folgers coffee bags- annoying, and not so yummy. don’t bother.

Nido brand dried whole-fat milk (Mexican food aisle of Wal-Mart) – add to coffee, tea, carnation instant breakfast, oatmeal etc.  Sometimes I dont’ really enjoy the flavor in coffee, but it’s pretty good.

Drink mix for water
I try to avoid caffeine, but it really makes me happy.  Some mixes have it.

Hammer Nutrition electrolyte tablets- Grapefruit  Yum!  but over priced at REI
Nuun electrolyte tablets-  good deal ordered a lot online.  ez to use, compact

Emergen-C LOVE EM!Orange, Tangerine, Lemon-lime are my fav. flavors.
Emergen-C Muliti-Vitamin Pomagranite flavor- not so good
Great Value (Walmart Brand) energy drink (has caffeine) pink lemonade was my fav
Hawaiian Punch 8pack for $1 (Walmart)- WOW!! many flavs good and strong flavor
Crystal Lite- lemonade not bad decent price nothin special
Crystal Lite- peach tea
Country Time lemonade- delicious but too heavy for me w real sugar, bulky
Kroger Morning Boost Orange caffeinated
Ocean Spray cran-anything


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4 Responses to (powdered) drink reviews

  1. Rockin says:

    Have you tried Medaglia D’Oro Instant Espresso Coffee? It is the one I keep coming back to even after using Starbucks VIA? It is found in most grocery stores. BTW…I LOVE coffee, but only drank it at resupply towns. I packed NoDoz for when I really needed a boost.

    My favorite drink in the morning was . I bought it at Costco and it was expensive, but worth it. Do you like the Nido brand instant milk? I am a soy milk drinker.

  2. wanderingdot says:

    Great, I’ll have to try it. I’ll be hiking with a coffee junkie the first 4 weeks… I told her to pack chocolate covered Espresso beans for “emergencies”! Your fav. drink was what? It didn’t post. I have not yet tried Nido, but at least it’s whole fat milk. Where can I find powdered soy (or almond) milk, I would prefer it too!? I bought the milk for coffee/tea and to add fat to oatmeal and an occasional Carnation instant breakfast or pudding mix.

  3. Wallyworld is now selling Energy Mix X which seems to pack a punch (2 servings per packet and 7 packets per $2.50 box. Not a bad deal, it’s lightweight, and as long as you have the water, you’ll be good to go. Of course the drawback (IMO) is the slight Aspartame taste.

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