many choices for gaiters… including why wear em?

The soCal section of the PCT is dirty and dusty.  I will wear low-top breathable shoes (Patagonia’s) and all that desert dustiness is going to get in to my feet and then ya got dirt rubbing in your sweat and blisters, yuck!

For the start of the PCT I chose Dirty Girl Gaiters in sexy leopard print, which should have me laughing at each step!  Small, UL, not waterproof, sassy!

What about later- in the snow and hiking in the rain?  Snow I am concerned about, esp. with this year’s high snow levels.  Hiking in the early morning to avoid postholing, and maybe wearing my old OR gaiters with a rain pant.  Rain- I do wonder if anybody makes a silnylon gaiter or if I might just duct tape plastic on my feet… but in my experience no matter what I do, if I hike thru rain, my feet, socks, and shoes get soaking wet.  Better get ones that dry out fast!

In my bounce box I’ll keep my old pair of Outdoor Research Rocky Mountain Low gaiters. I kinda hate these things- I don’t like the strap that goes under the sole, esp. for non-boots, it’ll die fast.  I also don’t like the scratchy tight elastic around the ankle.  But I got them on sale and they repel mud, dust, rain and ticks.
O.R. Rocky Mountain Low gaiters


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Thru-hiking the PCT 2011, CT 2014, Ice Age Trail 2017 Artist/sculptor, professor, master fabricator
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