Injinji toe socks review

Injinji toe socks:bought at REI (I like their discount when you buy at least 3 pairs)  tested on a 2 hour hike in very hilly country with a 26 pound pack.  Note: over these socks I wore a pair of Smartwool phd Ultralight running micro socks, which are also very thin
size S fits a Women’s 8.5

Of both pairs, I can say they take a little while to get on- I’ve never tried them before.  Feels strange at first, then you get used to them.
The light grey on the left is a TETRATSOK MICRO MINI – I did not like this feeling- too much fabric between the toes, and on the steep downhills they felt uncomfortable in my toe cracks.

The black sock on the right is FEATHRWEIGHT COOLMAX LINER BLACK
This one felt good, I hardly notice it, no jamming feeling between the toes like the other one.  But these are thin, I’m sure they won’t last forever.  After the raves from hikers about how much these reduce between toe blisters, I’m sold on this one!

Post-hike review:  I like both as a change of pace.  In the heat, blisters are a real problem.  You must change your socks at least once a day in heat and try to soak them in a cold stream to ease swelling.  Grit and sand get in there and cause problems.  The toe socks were good to mix it up when your feet were suffering!  I don’t like them for daily use.  The Smartwool PhD micro mini UL superthin whatever is my choice sock.


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Thru-hiking the PCT 2011, CT 2014, Ice Age Trail 2017 Artist/sculptor, professor, master fabricator
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One Response to Injinji toe socks review

  1. Rock says:

    I used the Tetratsok Nuwool Outdoor Quarter Socks and the Coolmax Mini Crew last summer. I loved both, but found the Coolmax Mini Crew lasted a lot longer and dried faster. I got holes in the big toe on the Nuwool about every 200 miles and never got a hole at all in the Coolmax. Gotta love no blisters!!!!!!

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