Food Taste Tests

Knorr Rice Sides WITH 2 SERVINGS OF VEGGIES cheddar broccoli: Yummy Yum even better than regular $1 cheddar broc rice side, worth the higher price tag! Add hot water and stir.
Knorr Rice Sides WITH 2 SERVINGS OF VEGGIES chicken flavor : meh.

Ova Easy instant “egg crystals” : supposed to be best flavor instant egg! Huevos Rancheros here I come!  Afterthought Note: kinda a pain in the butt with an alchohol stove.  I abandoned them but hope to devise a way to “simmer” my stove.  Stay tuned for 2013 CDT innovations!

Fantastic Foods Veg. Sloppy Joe:  just add hot water and something creative- hot sauce oil, onion/tomato powder or cheese? Box cost $3.29 and contains 400 cal, 45g protein.  Mix some of this into your Rice and Pasta Sides for more zing!

Fantastic Foods Veg. Chili
Really makes Mexican Rice or Taco Rice sides bulkier and yummier!


About wanderingdot

Thru-hiking the PCT 2011, CT 2014, Ice Age Trail 2017 Artist/sculptor, professor, master fabricator
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4 Responses to Food Taste Tests

  1. Dan says:

    Wandering Dot,
    thanks for your taste tests. I do not have the chance to try some of the items you have shown us out here. Our only store on the island is good, but doesn’t have everything. I’ve taken notes on some of the items you mentioned and will be giving them a try myself while on the mainland again before the hike.


    • wanderingdot says:

      Right on! I look forward to posting more on the subject, and I do hope to bounce my stove forward for some sections, so cookless creations are of value. My most genius concoction to date is soaking whole wheat cous-cous in a container with some soup mix (tortilla soup is great, onion is fine..) while hiking then adding a tuna foil packet (they just released tuna in olive oil which may be a good choice) and a mayo packet and tossing it all in a tortilla. YUMMY, easy, and no cook. But ya did dirty a plastic container. The main thing when long distance hiking is that you don’t want to think and prep for meals. You’re hungry, NOW. That said, I did order 144 MealPack bars…

  2. mitkit says:

    Hey Wandering Dot,

    Your down to two days, eh? Just wanted to wish virtual well wishes as you start, and hope to see you in person soon! Enjoy, and happy trails,


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