Day 8, San Ysidero to Warner Springs, 5 mi

Day 8. mile 95 to San Ysidero Creek 11 miles. Friday 22nd April

had a rough night! super gnarly windy and in the clouds. got battered by the sides of the tent and condensation! annie barely slept. I had my earplugs in and dealt. half mile and Deb stopped by in AM. They cowboy camped. short day to Ysidero creek -no one was here and we bathed at last!!! have lots of daylight chill time. three very cool ladies on horses came by and Bonnie had a Tom balding horse bit! I recognized it from having checked out his shop in Sheridan WY a few weeks ago! very interesting chat. several younger guys came by and set up camp then a couple I’d seen on post holer, mark and Holly from Bend, OR came and set up camp.

Only 5 miles to Warner Springs in the morning and a full zero in hotel Hot Springs yay!quiet and warm here. ducks flew over very low and it’s funny Annie found at duck call whistle she’s going to send her dad. I drank tons of electro lights and Hawaiian punch & ate a small tuna in olive oil packet with half a tortilla which filled me up so I didn’t need much dinner we soaked couscous sprouted curry lentils (we like it mom!!!) and also cooked a chicken flavor veggie rice side which wasn’t as yummy I am SO looking forward to five dollar breakfast burrito at hotel. My ears are very sunburned but the rest of me is all good! I’ve been tending the same blisters to much improvement! My feet are toughening up nice. I forgot to mention the tarantula Hawk wasp we saw on the trail yesterday. Irecognized it immediately having caught one when I lived in Roswell in ’05- “class A” sting, most painful insect ever, google it! Irradescent blue/purple body and orange/yellow wings about the size of your palm. It was running around the trail before it took flight and I ran like hell!!!



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2 Responses to Day 8, San Ysidero to Warner Springs, 5 mi

  1. Leo says:

    hey someone posted about you on a forum and you looked really familiar. i remember a few months ago working on highway 78 on a hot day replacing a sign. you came up to me and my leadworker and got some water.(lol actually most of my water but i think you needed it more than i did haha) im pretty sure you were on your way to warner springs

    i was pretty impressed.

    • wanderingdot says:

      Hi Leo!

      I don’t remember that, no sighn-changing work crew…pretty sure it wasn’t me. I with another female hiker, we arrived at dusk at Hwy 78, got water from the cache and spent the night right there between the scissors. We passed thru there in late April. We timed it well and it wasn’t terrible hot. But thanks! A bunch of us ladies kicked butt on the trail this year!


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