Day 17 ADZPCTKO to Idyllwild

Riding with Special K back to Idyllwild. Will zero again and go to the doctor tomorrow, but the pinched nerve has eased, yay! Will discuss how long I should stay off trail, but I feel good again. Will keep miles low.

I had fun and am so glad we made it to the KO. Thanks to Doug and Cheryl for the ride!!! I won 3 prizes for my entries in the gear contest, the best being a Gossamer Gear sil-nylon rain skirt! Irony is one of my entries was my $1 Walmart home made rain skirt! Cool!

My Sun Sleeves won 3rd place I think. There were some interesting entries!

More down time in Idyllwild, doc appt tomorrow. Plan to begin hiking Tues am. Thinking of SoBo-ing from Devils Slide in Idyllwild down to 74/Paradise Cafe. 27 mi. Heal! Inflammation be gone!


About wanderingdot

Thru-hiking the PCT 2011, CT 2014, Ice Age Trail 2017 Artist/sculptor, professor, master fabricator
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3 Responses to Day 17 ADZPCTKO to Idyllwild

  1. Holly and Mark says:

    Congratulations on your winnings at kick off. Well we were able to make it down Fuller Ridge. Lots of snow but if you have good tracks to follow or GPS and soft snow (we started down about 4 pm, a bit earlier would be better) you shouldn’t have too much trouble. Does Annie have a blog too? Home and getting organized back on the trail Sunday afternoon. Love Holly

  2. MeanderMoose says:

    Hey you two,
    Hope you had a good hike today. I am in the Indian rm at the inn. I was looking for you but didn’t see you. I plan to stay for cinco de mayo. Hike out on fri. Come say hi.

  3. Kolby says:

    Dan and I are here on the porch of Mt Laguna store wondering how the Wandering Dot is doing. Good thing there’s a cell signal! Hope you’re feeling better. Look forward to meeting you. -Condor

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