Day 22 thru Fuller down to Snow Cyn

Day 22. Fri May 6
Wow! this might be my favorite day yet! we camped about 8500 feet last night. Chilly but not freezing. Today going over Fuller was beautiful and fun. off and on snow up and down then just down – not too hard at all. the water at Fuller CG/ black Mountain Camp was great, good timing I drank lots and ate my apple, tested the solar charger -needs work. loaded with 4 & 1/2 L water, onward and downward! I loved the view of the wind, solar farm and I-10 all hot and dry way down there. 16 miles steady down hill. we saw three rattlesnakes today! yesterday Annie stepped close to one and stalked it waiting 15 min. for me!! I hadn’t yet seen one. I had taken a snack break at strawberry cienda Creek.. then she almost stepped on it again. It didn’t rattle I only saw its hind end. today I was walking fast downhill on the switchbacks loving the views, plants, and everything! then well no mistaking the rattle. I didn’t really see it just backed off fast. took pics and video of it curled on the rocks left of the trail really it was a textbook rattler encounter – wasn’t scary.

I hardly noticed the second one sol movement and heard some rattling but Annie said I was a foot from it later we passed another me a ahead and didn’t notice again my late afternoon overdrive kicked in and I raced down. we are cowboy camped in a sweet big Sandy spot probably 1 to 3 miles south of the Snow Canyon water fountain sono problem making it to our rendezvous with special K at I- 10. SO amazing of her to bring us our food drop incredible Angel Magic yay!! so we can keep hiking! I want Annie to back some miles before she has to go. I tried vegetarian jerky for dinner it was Dee- Lish though everything taste good out here. Happy!






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