Day 26, mi 250 animal cages to Big Bear

Day 26 Tuesday, May 10 woke up to a dusting of snow over everything I was warm enough and slept well it’s real strange hearing the cage Lyons cries from high to low cascading grounds what a rough night for those poor creatures. I’m itching to get going 6 miles to Arrastre camp with water and picnic tables to cook and lower elevation Annie’s asleep and the guys haven’t stirred I’m going to pack up Krazy K and I set off earlier then Annie and Moose.
We all had a nice hike together and found trail magic at Onyx summit. I had a soda and an orange, felt great as I was almost out of food! into big bear city we caught a ride in a forerunner full of huge off Road tires which was interesting- contorting! they took us to the post office and we all got our boxes . moose and I had our photos taken for the 20 11 through hikers photo posters saw Fozzie & Lakewood in last years and Paul Pierre and Steve Echo and outpost ahead of us. Had dinner next door at no name pizza Caesar salad and pepperoni pineapple jalapeno pizza. Yum!


About wanderingdot

Thru-hiking the PCT 2011, CT 2014, Ice Age Trail 2017 Artist/sculptor, professor, master fabricator
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