Day 27, Big Bear to mi 275

Day 27 Wednesday, May 11
we were bummed to say goodbye to Moose, he’s staying a couple more nights. we quickly hitched a ride with a young couple to the post office where I send my bounce to Wrightwood. Then we crossed to the market for resupply (pretty good!) bumped into crazy K which was great. He kept hiking yesterday to Van Dusen Road. He just arrived in town we all shopped and chatted and he is neroing I sure hope I meet up with these cool guys soon up the trail. Annie and I hitched a ride with quite a character back to the trail Meg- when she’s making you mad she’s Nut-Meg!!! we had to yell as she wasn’t wearing her hearing aid! we ended up going to her house for a little while as Annie thought her Platypus leaked.

All the water was gone it’s fine it’s valve it wasn’t shut. What a character this lady went from talking about teaching math to writing her third children’s book about a great cloud that couldn’t cry to her brain tumor surgery to talking about yogurt I almost died of a giggle fit for she couldn’t see or hear me. at the trailhead. We saw the older Israli guy Ashel trying to hitch into town with no luck so we hook these two up turns out each one is deaf in one ear along comes white Gandolf bearded ” Florida”. Meg would say “whee!”which still cracks Annie and I up! We had a mellow quiet 11 mi hike after 2:30 arrival on trail. We passed a marker noting we’re 1/10th of the way to Canada!!! Camped near picnic table around mi 275 or 276. Annie cowboy camping, I’m luxuriating in my tent under a huge double Cedar. No wind. Silent.


Annie “Dash” in her cowboy-camp coccoon


Woo, a marker indicating I’m 1/10th of the trail-way to Canada!


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Thru-hiking the PCT 2011, CT 2014, Ice Age Trail 2017 Artist/sculptor, professor, master fabricator
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