Day 46, Hikertown to Tylerhorse Cyn

Day 46, May 30.  about 24 mi.  Hikertown to Tylerhorse Cyn (mi. 542.6)

I walk tall in the A.M. !

Hiking by 7:00 after coffee and giving my $10 donation.  A bit of road walking before I caught up with Special Delivery, Wired, and Top Shelf.  Then open Aquaduct to the East.  Then North on a steel pipe- breezy up there but not gusty.  Can still see a bit of snow in the Tehachapi’s from yesterday’s storm!  Its normally over 100 degrees here, lucky us.  Trail diverts to sandy roads and it got warmer.  Oh!! We saw a Mojave Green Rattlesnake stretched out on the pavement and it curled up and rattled for us.  I was on the phone with my mom at the time.

I scored some trail magic just before noon on the sandy road!  I was well behind the group having made a pit stop. A huge Bus/RV thing pulled up and the guy signals a drink.  Sweet!  Ice Cold iced tea, nice!  He owns the acreage we’re walking thru and tries to help hikers out, friendly guy.  Maybe he’s the one maintaining the water cache where the others were lunching as I came up.  They were bummed to miss the magic!  It was a super short break, maybe they’d been there for awhile.  These guys really hustle! I needed several more minutes to finish up, so I hiked alone for several hours finally coming to the next water, a faucet that pumps from the stream below.  A STREAM! in the Mojave desert!  woah.

Special Delivery was still there, and I saw Blister make the turn away. A southbounding holiday couple was suffering in the shade.  I did feel a bit nausious and weary but the cool water on my head bandana revived me.  I used my sunbrella too, but really it was probably in the low 80s.  Walked on and on and on.

I called Aili to wish her a safe journey to Turkey tomorrow, sounds like a fun adventure.  She was unloading her artwork from the Tucson trucks so we kept it short. I’d hoped to have reception in camp in the evening in Tylerhorse Cyn, but nope.  Never in a canyon, but what a super sweet spot!  As Colin from New Zealand said as he dropped in from the trail, ” What kind of Awesome is this?!”  Flat sites and good water bubbling me sleepy.  Dinner was chili mac and milky flax granola, yum.  Alex, Colin, and the Shotgun Sisters arrived once me, Blister, Top Shelf, and Wired were all done with dinner and set up crawing in our tents.  I popped my earplugs in to avoid the girl’s loud voice and I slept like a rock.

Tomorrow is another 24 or 25 mi to HWY 58 where Rockin’ will pickup me, Wired, and Blister and take us home for zeros!  Yaaay!  I will try more diligently to keep up with these guys! I did enjoy arriving at camp before 5 pm though (however leaving camp by 6 am….) I filtered water for my morning drink and coffee, should be an easy morning hike.

Be sure to check Erin’s blog. Her trail name is “Wired” for a reason!  She takes lots of great pics, videos, and is thorough in her journalling.  I’ve been hiking with her for a few days:


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2 Responses to Day 46, Hikertown to Tylerhorse Cyn

  1. Dan says:

    I’m nearly sick of my instant folders coffee and powdered milk in the morning!! uuuugh. what coffee are you preparing?

  2. wanderingdot says:

    Are you kidding? Starbucks Via is the only way to go. The new ‘Tribute’ blend is nice, but flavor wise the Columbian is best. Usually I enjoy a dark roast but not with the Via. It’s expensive, but worth it.
    I use Nido (full-fat) instant milk, found in a huge vat in the mexican food section of wal-mart, put in small baggies.
    I have though, been trying to wean myself of the java. No energy for it on frigid mornings but such a delight at other times. I’ve arrived at Kennedy Meadows!!!! Hope things aren’t too hot for your hike, it’s been pretty warm on many long uphill slogs.

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