Day 47, Tylerhorse Cyn to Hwy 58/Tehachepi

Day 47, Tylerhorse Cyn to Hwy 58/Tehachepi/ Rockin’s, about 25 mi
COMPLETED SoCal section woohoo!!!

Blister left camp when I got up, he’s a quick one in the morning.  Wired woke me from dreams, lots of dreams about 5:20, a warm morning, easy to get up.  I made a coffee and warm milk with granola/flax/blueberries.  Nice!  Top Shelf left next, then Wired, Colin, Alex, and the Shotgun sisters, and Special Delivery.  I’m still not the quickest morning packer.. Had to pack lots of water for about 15 miles.  Perfect weather and nice views all day! Even the massive uphill switchbacks first thing in the morning were awesome.  After several hours I wondered if the group would ever take a break… nope!  Not till lunch. Toughies.  I wanted to take off my toe socks, now my feet are flattening out and a bit swollen so the pinky toes rub the sides of my shoes with 2 pairs of socks.  Finally caught up with Wired since she’s shooting pics and videos of the super cool wind farm we’re walking through!  Also, she needed me to take a pic of her.  Breezy but mild, lucky us.

We finally took a lunch break at the next (and only) water source at  a hot picnic table at a stream with a “stock crossing” (read: cow poo) and the younger group ate in the shade.  One girl’s voice is loud and irritating… time to scoot on.  Got to the road at 4 pm as Dan pulled up to fetch us, and Blister who arrived a bit before us.  We got Sonic milkshakes.  Huge ones. And went to their house, Rockin came home soon.  We cleaned up and they treated us to a fantastic home cooked meal of elabourate salad, garlic cheese bread and spaghetti with ground turkey.  Boy did that hit the spot!  I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture.  I didn’t even have room for pie!
Somehow Wired let me have the bed and she took an air mattress.  So cozy oh boy!  Zero tomorrow!


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Thru-hiking the PCT 2011, CT 2014, Ice Age Trail 2017 Artist/sculptor, professor, master fabricator
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One Response to Day 47, Tylerhorse Cyn to Hwy 58/Tehachepi

  1. Rockin says:

    It was great spending time with your group. As you already know, I am especially excited about my new plan to make a windscreen for my alcohol stove.
    Here is the link to the blog entry and pics from your visit through Tehachapi:
    We are rooting for you.

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