Day 50

Day 50, June 3

Up @ 6:45, out by 8, on trail at 9.

What a super lady!! Rockin’ helped us out so much! Then she gives me a tiny iphone solar charger to try out while I wait for the AA one my mom is sending me. wow. I’d sure like to help her out more, I’m glad she could use my Caldera template.

Trail was warm for 2 mi following Hwy, I called mom- forgot to mention where to send my boots! Lots of uphill, some switchbacks, me falling behind. Hot for awhile until the chilly breezy ridges.  I was starting to feel the slog and get low when I came upon Mark and Holly finishing a lunch break in the shade of a tree.  Yay, I love these guys! They’re pretty much my pace.  I enjoyed walking with them, then we found Blister finishing his lunch break.  I crammed some yummy cheese and mini-bagels and got back to walking.  We talked about back problems and stuff like that until he pulled ahead on an uphill.

Got back into wind generators again and then I found Top Shelf, Wired, and Blister trying to eke water out of a trickling lousy stream.  Hmm, I thought there’d be reliable water…?  I haven’t been navigating much.  So I tried to get water too, annoying.  Then some SoBos came along and told us there’s a big nice stream a few min. ahead.  Ha ha!  Duh.  Anyway Mark and Holly and I cooked dinner there.  I had mac-n-cheese.  A younger guy, Cookie Monster came and cooked too.  Then the young honeymooning couple, Stumbling Goat and Thumper and Skinny D came thru. After that was truly lovely hiking.  Alone, quiet, temperate, overcast,, wooshes from wind generators!  Views of the valley and really cool cliffs the other side.  Flowers and green and I felt happy again!  Now in my tent hearing the wooshing is nice!  Big group of us here. Almost dark 8:36 and I’m ready for sleep! Hopefully I’ll get up early like these guys.  I filtered water for a coffee.  Still about 15 mi to next water though.


About wanderingdot

Thru-hiking the PCT 2011, CT 2014, Ice Age Trail 2017 Artist/sculptor, professor, master fabricator
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One Response to Day 50

  1. Rockin says:

    Hey WD,
    Glad you are enjoying the territory. Hope the charger works for you. You will probably need both solar and igo in the Sierras for extra power to use your GPS on your iphone. Wanted to make sure you knew it is yours. If it doesn’t work out give it to someone else that might need it. We have moved our start and end dates due to snow, starting June 25th in at Kearsage Pass and going until August 6th. It is warm today for the first time in a month. Melt is on its way!!!

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