Day 51

Day 51, June 4.  ~26 mi.

Comfy in tent, almost 9 pm.  Was a most enjoyable day!  I slept fantastic last night in my little foresty sheltered spot until 6 AM, even had a coffee and hiked starting at 6:45.  Lots camped here.  Wired, Top Shelf, Blister, Mark and Holly, Stumbling Goat and Thumper (honeymoooners),  and another couple.

Pretty and rolling landscape- high desert and small forests and meadows.  I saw a deer (finally) and lots of quail and squirrels.  I almost forgot my sunglasses which fell off my pack when I took it off at Bird Spring.  I had to drop my pack and backtrack downhill for them, but I got em!  Later I lost my PCT bandanna at a creek, I know exactly where, I tried backtracking but realized it was further.  Some of the group I’ve been leapfrogging came up on me but they didn’t take it.  Shoot, hopefully somebody will.  I sure get forgetful when distracted by books on tape! Note to self: find a sharpie and write my name on everything.  I really enjoyed listening to my Patrick O’Brian books all day.  I will try charging my phone with the charger Rockin’ gave me!

I hope no weather moves in, but I found a pretty nice sandy and sheltered campsite.  Top Shelf and Wired must be a little bit ahead still. I have a downhill in the AM so should try to catch them.


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Thru-hiking the PCT 2011, CT 2014, Ice Age Trail 2017 Artist/sculptor, professor, master fabricator
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