Day 52

Day 52, June 5. ~26 mi.

Around 6 AM bearded guy “Good Morning”ed me. He found a note for me from Wired about 15 feet up trail! Ha ha! Turns out Top Shelf and Wired were camped right nearby! I stopped at this nice sandy spot I found. Light cold rain in AM didn’t last too long or soak me. I listened to O’Brian’s Treason’s Harbor and banged out some miles. Sunny with some poofy cumulous clouds. Two essential water caches today maintained by a “Mary” who lives nearby, an old lady Cookie Monster met today. She refilled the caches today, Sunday. Apparently the 2nd one had been empty for a few days, boy did I luck out! Thanks lady! I met some thirsty (I guess?) SoBos who didn’t mention the cache was empty just expressed joy that the other still had water. In the end, it’s good they didn’t mention it, as it may have messed up my day.

Saw hummingbirds, a bunny, a few snakes, a falcon or something. Some really long hot relentless uphills in thick sand. I really wasn’t expecting this section to be difficult. Cookie Monster passed me after I took a snack break in the shade of a huge Joshua tree saying, “What did we do to deserve this?!” He and lots of others who came later camped at the water cache and road but I summited Skinner Peak that evening and cooked Mountain House Chili Mac. Yum. Hiked after dark and got a sweet east facing spot, gorgeous views, and stars stars stars! I’m probably a mile or so behind Wired, Top Shelf, and Blister. But that was a LONG day! Hope to catch them before Walker Pass tomorrow.










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Thru-hiking the PCT 2011, CT 2014, Ice Age Trail 2017 Artist/sculptor, professor, master fabricator
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