Day 53

Day 53, June 6. ~27 mi

1/4 mi before Yellow Jacket Spring to 1/4 mile after Joshua Tree Spring

I saw a bear today!!  Cute little bugger, but an adrenaline rush for me!  Late afternoon just before Owen’s Saddle ~mi 662.  I was thinking about how a bear is known to live at the Joshua Tree Spring ahead a few miles, and I was singing a Gillian Welch song (singing, my A.T. bear repellant…) then I saw some pine cones roll downhill onto the trail.  I stopped, hmm.  Peering up I saw this smallish light brown bear pawing about and he looked at me and got back to work.  I ended up having to go around it downhill – apparently this bear knows downhill is the toilet and uphill is the food.  Lots of scat.  Back on the trail like 30 seconds later I come to the campsite at the Saddle with lots of tents and about 5 hikers making “CHEESECAKE”.  woah.  Gorgeous views and the trail drops on the other side to the sun and no wind.  I scoot for a mile fleeing the bear-zone then stop to make mac-n-cheese and tuna and enjoy the view.  I got a bit nervous as it was getting dark and I was approaching the spring but I figured the bear is hanging out a few miles over.  Anyway I didn’t want to camp AT the spring so I lucked out and found a nice little tent side by the trail side 1/4 mile after the spring.  I had got enough water from the small seasonal spring and washed up too which is nice.  Racing thru twighlight when I came upon this nice tent site, silence, and stars.  Perfect night, crescent moon, windless.  I saw a bat.

This morning turned out not to be clear anymore!  Light rain/fog and chilly.  I didn’t dry my tent either so its a bit moist.  It was very windy this morning as I began hiking and shoving Pop Tarts in me.  Only one fresh pair of tracks turned out to be Special Delivery’s.  Not sure what happened to that Australian guy.  About 1/4 to 1/2 mile later all these cow prints come on trail.  Then lots of footprints must be my crew.  I didn’t realize I was only 1/4 mile before Yellow Jacket Spring, I had thought I was 2 miles from it still.  Big discrepancy between milage in Half Mile and Erik the Black’s maps!!    I took a break at a small seasonal spring with Special Delivery and made coffee Yummmmm.  Cookie Monster came- he had climbed Skinner this morning in the fog and rain (Bummer!  I had such amazing views!) Sunshine and Balls came and told me Stumbling Goat has my PCT Bandanna.  Sweet!!  Hmm, but I doubt they’ll catch me before Kennedy Meadows.  If I didn’t mention it, Sunshine is an 11 year old girl thru-hiking with her father, Balls.  Their mom and younger sister drove down from Oregon to visit them at Hikertown for a few days and she made a huge taco dinner for everybody.  Great peeps.

Oh!  I came on trail magic at Walker Pass Campground!  I had a Pepsi and a cheese and onion quesadilla and lots of cookies.  Oh man was I craving cookies, esp. oreos last night!!  SWEET.  I also got to refill my TP supply.  Essential.  What a super hike.  I love this!


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Thru-hiking the PCT 2011, CT 2014, Ice Age Trail 2017 Artist/sculptor, professor, master fabricator
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2 Responses to Day 53

  1. SunWalker says:

    If there’s a bear about it might be a good idea to cook at one place and then put in a few more miles before setting up camp. I hear they love tents with a hint of tuna.

    • wanderingdot says:

      That’s how I roll. I’ve found on the rare nights that I enjoy a Mountain House meal, the salt content is so high, I can’t eat it before bed time or I wake up parched, another incentive to stop and cook dinner, then plug in a few more miles.

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