Day 54

Day 54, June 7
1/4 mi past Joshua Tree Spring to flat spot ~ mi 687.5        ~22 mi

Tons of condensation on the tent in AM, though most probably from the previous day packed wet, oops.  Slow, leisurely morning.  Two coffees, oh the joy! Started hiking about 7:30 very late but no hurry.  Got warm fast- lots of uphill and switchbacks- I felt so HUNGRY today!  Finally I got to Ridge top campsites and found I had cell reception, did some emails and got a text from Wired that they spent the night at Walker Pass and aren’t in a hurry.  That’s cool, I’m enjoying my solo time.

Generally, quail annoy me.  They look so silly with their Elvis hair-curl and they have the oddest fast/slow uneven pace when they swagger.  The particular high purr of their wings when they take flight startles me every time.  That’s pretty much every day out here- these birds are all over the place.  Any way, today I saw some grown ones doing their funny walk with a whole bunch of wee babies.  Awe, super cute!

Today I thought how I pity those with a late start, it’s gonna be sweltering hot- probably borderline dangerous.  Weatherwise, I’m very pleased with my hike and my timing.  Also I feel pretty good and strong now.  THis 6 day stretch, carrying more food and doing big miles is working out great.  Body good!

I didn’t see any humans today.  I was slow all morning and thought that group I saw near the bear should catch up, and that Jackass should have caught up- I think that was him napping at the top after Walker Pass.  Hmm.  I enjoyed a perfect and luxurious dinner break at the stream at Cannebrake Rd (mi 682.4) I filtered water, dried my wet tent and bag, washed socks, rested picnic-style on my tryvek, soaked and cleaned my feet, washed up, and ate yummy MH Beef Stew (very British!!) that I’d found in Rockin’s hiker box.  I drank yummy red caffeinated Great Value (walmart) drink mix.  This is livin’ baby!
I went a few more miles, uphihll, until 8 pm when I found a real nice spot for my tent before the burned area.  So quiet and calm.  I should have just the right amount of food to get to Kennedy Meadows tomorrow (did I mention how many hours I fantasized about cold beer?) I should get there for late lunch.  Good work, me.


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Thru-hiking the PCT 2011, CT 2014, Ice Age Trail 2017 Artist/sculptor, professor, master fabricator
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