Day 55, arrive Kennedy Meadows!

Day 55, June 8. ~15 mi to arrive Kennedy Meadows

I think I got electrolyte imbalance leg cramp today in L hamstring. Woke a bit late, slept great, so quiet! No condensation, slow leisurely morning as I enjoyed my last two coffees with milk. So nice watching the clouds dissipate in the valley!

Not sure what’ s up with the leg muscle thing, but I took a pain killer and plodded on with grand thoughts of burgers n beers…. really the terrain was the easiest I’ve had in weeks and weather was perfect and fine! Rest is coming my way, plus good food, fruit, and I can pump up on electrolytes.

As I got onto the road to walk the .7 mi to Kennedy Meadows store, 12 Oz, Gangsta Rap, and Alex were on the road going to swim in the stream. Alex mentioned the grill is open for another 30 min. Grill! Open! oooh! Then I said hi to all the hikers I knew lounging on the right in a zillion hammock chairs- this is Tom’s place. Cool! Yes, grill, they say.

OH BOY. You start an account on credit here and pay when you head out. I got a 6 pack of Budweiser (strangely perfect) and a fantastic turkey burger with guac and pepper jack and the fixins plus a huge bag of Sun Chips. Heaven. I’m in heaven. Picked up all of my packages, everything was here- sweet. New Nanopuff jacket, ice axe, socks, food package from mom (yeah!) and Bear Cannister. How to pack it all in my pack is another story….

Top raked out a nice tent site for me, what a sweetie. I said hi to lots of people but turned in early with a bit of newspaper to do crossword and sudoku. Yes! I had thought that I’d not want to hang out here in KM thought everyone would be pressing snow advice/Sierra plans but it’s not like that at all. Very mellow. Me likey. Me stay. Me rest.











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Thru-hiking the PCT 2011, CT 2014, Ice Age Trail 2017 Artist/sculptor, professor, master fabricator
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