Day 58 leave Kennedy Meadows!

Day 58. Sat June 11

I managed to apply for the fall res at Art342 today online, complicated without my computer but I’m glad I managed it, gotta throw out some options for what to do after this hike! Blister gave me a hard time for being on the computer all morning.
I am going out at Lone Pine so I think I have 3 (prob more) days of food in my (huge and heavy) bear canister (which miraculously fits in my wee pack, the GoLite Jam. My pack w 1L water weighed 28 lbs. Pretty good! Most peeps loaded w 45-48 mostly food, to go out at Independance. Undue suffering IMO. I say enjoy the Sierras! The hiking is hard as hell, sheesh go rest in town and eat some real food!

After a huge ice cream and some hammock time, I managed to pry myself away from Toms place and hit the trail at 4:15. Thanks Tom for your hiker oasis and great pancakes, I enjoyed my rest so much!!!
Oof, feelin that extra weight plodding thru thick sand for several miles! About 6 mi in at a stream Chilly comes backtracking, poor guy forgot his tent rainfly at Tom’s! I soon passed their camp, Pounder hanging bearbags. Gorgeous sunset, rolling rocky and green hills in this partly fire burnt area. Stunning. I ate ham and crackers and walked another mi or so to a sweet spot with huge firepit, clearly popular horse camp (poo). A bit windy thru the canyon so I pitched ring next to this unexpected creek sheltered by shrubs and get to hea the running water, I love it! Worth a little condensation on the tent. Gonna have my first real Sierra hike tomorrow, going over 10,000′!





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Thru-hiking the PCT 2011, CT 2014, Ice Age Trail 2017 Artist/sculptor, professor, master fabricator
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