Day 63 Lone Pine/Trail Pass to past Chicken Spring Lake

A couple of characters shared the room last night. A lady out doing day hikes from Oakland interested in the PCT and a tiny girl who thruhiked last year and is real chatty. Late night.

I’m entering Central California Section C. Erik the Black’s Atlas describes it: “Section C begins at Trail Pass and soon reaches Chicken Spring Lake, the first of many alpine lakes dotting the Sierran landscape. Further north, at Crabtree Meadow the PCT joins the John Muir trail. Mount Whitney lies 8 miles east of here, a popular sidetrip. Continuing up and over Forester pass the combined PCT/JMT ruites eventually strikes two trails leading east over Kearsarge Pass to the Towns of independence and Bishop”

I finally got a hitch up to Horseshoe Meadow- took 2 hrs to climb Trail Pass, arr PCT 2:30. Lots of snow, nonstop with some break at Poison Meadow and it was a chore slugging thru snow and maybe a tiny bit dangerous. Got off track, cut trail in hard snow, feelin like an arctic explorer!

Back on track close to Cottonwood pass, found Chemical Burn, Radio, and another guy. We hiked the mi to Chicken Spring Lake ( totally frozen) and I lost them- maybe they found the campground there but all seemed snowy so I kept on for a couple miles and pitched off trail in a nice flat spot with the most stunning pink and purple sunset ever! Windless but chilly.

I switched from my awesome Patagonia Drifter hiking shoes to gore-Tex Vasque boots in Lone Pine. I bought overkill OR snow gaiters that almost reach my knees. Elevation, the outfitter in Lone Pine is great. Hoping to keep my feet dry, but not really trusting the gore-tex. Worth a try. So far feet are fine but have grown larger than anticipated, not rubbing in the boots but they sure don’t feel huge the way they used to!





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