Day 64, Chicken Spring Lake to Crabtree Meadows

Day 64, June 17, 2011

At 9 PM I’m tucked in after a long day.
About 2 mi after Chicken Spring Lake (mi. 751) to the Ranger Station 1 mi off trail to Whitney, off Crabtree Meadows (767.2)

Wow! I’m here and planning to summit Whitney tomorrow morning. Tired and cold from River Crossing but ate well. Mountain House spaghetti with meat and blonde Oreos. Yum. Today was lots of snow but no need for spikes. I bent a pole, and fell on my butt a few times. Not sure what happened to Chemical Burn and crew. I met Jacob, Scouts Honor and Easy Strider. Nice guys and I tried to keep up with them for quite a while, they’re quick! they waited for me to crawl across a log over a raging creek and we navigated back to trail, then up a gazillion switchbacks up Guyot Pass. I was running out of oomph and at the end of switchbacks had to stop for a proper lunch at 2:00. I’ve already learned that overexerting myself up high passes in blazing sun and altitude require REAL food. There’s a reason the Europeans use the term “energy” for what we Americans term “calories”.

I had chatted with Bert and Ernie as I crossed (almost waded) across Crabtree Creek. Nice to see them again, sweeties. I had met them briefly at the Pines in Wrightwood when I emerged from the Ice Storm, and at Owens Saddle after I saw the bear, then more recently at Kennedy Meadows.

A bunch are camped here. Good thing I saw Easy Strider at the creek as I almost camped on that side and would have had a frigid am crossing! 7.6 snowy miles to Whitney!










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