Day 66, Wallace Creek/Forester Pass

Day 66, June 19, 2011
Wallace Creek (mi 771)/Forester Pass/camp near 785?

Holy crap, I also did not die today! SO didn’t really plan on going over Forester today. Funny how things go.
The guys (Easy, Scouts, and Jacob) made it to Wallace where I was camped around 7:30. I was making tea and warm milky granola with flax seeds for breakfast after having slept like the dead from 9:30 to 7 am. Happy they were ok! They said that snow cliff was a sheet of ice but my deep footprints helped get them down. Wow. As I packed up, a big group came thru, then the two guys who did Whitney the same day and were camped with us, Rockfish and HanSolo. Onward!

Wright “Creek” was a doozy to cross and almost knocked me over. Easy was helpful and yelled to start over if it’s not feeling right. Yes! I had control the second try. There was tons of hikers drying out on the other side. Later, I’d hike and camp with them.

Lunch break after crossing Tyndall creek arm in arm chain. Tuna, crackers, chocolate peanutbutter, pop tart. Onward! Righto let’s see how far we get approaching Forester. Me and the guys set out before the big group. Relentless hiking thru snowfields. The group caught up, Jacob commenting on the game of Follow the Leader. I appreciated the ease of not having to navigate.
Gorgeous Sierra views, alpine lakes barely peeking out under the snow. Up. Up. Sunburning the underside of my snout! Funny thing hot sun, cold snow. Getting on in the afternoon was trudge trudge slush. Even being last in the line I postholed, but following everyone’s tramped down steps was choice. I was pooped. Every now and again we’d reach rock islands and the group would wait awhile for us stragglers to get closer. But they never stopped, these robohikers! Oh no, we have to summit THAT? Ibuprofen, stat! Well, a late afternoon summit means I won’t slide to my icy death….















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One Response to Day 66, Wallace Creek/Forester Pass

  1. Randy L. says:

    Christy, glad you made it through those couple days OK……sounds like it was quite the adventure and challenge. I love the photos and especially the 2 videos… !


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