Red’s Meadow – Tuolome

Ugh I’m updating from food coma bed at KM Resort at Sonora pass, bear with me I’ll have to fill in details and dates later, will be in S Lake Tahoe thur 21st

Day ?
Near Lyell Fork/ before footbridge to Glen Aulin CG

Pretty exhausted I slept hard and had a coffee in am. Gnarly camped with us. Had an EZ fast almost snowless (egad!) descent, pretty flat at the end to Tuolome. Han Solo and Gnarly waited for Rockfish at the real ling, shallow creek crossing and I went ahead anticipating a hole-digging diversion soon. But right away came upon Kristin and Vilay. Those late risers were just getting going at 8:30! We chatted and hiked fast which was fun. Nice folks! Real wet and muddy trail. Then I had to stop for my hole diggin and wait for the guys. Mosquito attack! Gaaaah!

We chilled at Tuolome for at least 3 hrs at the picnic tables. The store and post office opened the day before! Got my resupply package (excellent one, mom!) and organized my stuff while sucking down soda and other hikers extra food and drying socks and shoes.

Seamus, sweet Irish guy and dad of Honeybuzz who’s a few days ahead though I don’t think I know him, shows up with trail magic! Cases of coke and bud and a huge box of sweet rolls. Hmm sure I could eat some more… Aah calories I don’t have to carry.

We got going, and Gnarly hitched into Yosemite Valley, we skipped it- weekend. And the PCT is enough for now. Really.

The next few miles were touristy Yosemite stuff but we totally lapped it up like puppies! Soda Springs! Cool cabin where John Muir hung out and held Sierra club mtgs! Cool half dome-lookin Lambert? Rock! Us going slow taking pics… Lots of creek crossings, not dangerous at all but slow for Rockfish having to change out of boots. I’m so pleased with my descision to complete the life of my Patagonia hiking shoes in this wet as hell place. It was kinda good having my goretex boots from Independence to Mammoth but there was less crossings in those sections, but enough. Annoying and a waste of time changing shoes. Just go!

We finally got to Glen Aulin CG after a spectacular waterfall and waterlogged trail all of us grumpy, tired, and mosquito bitten. I really had not wanted to camp at this big CG but oh well.



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Thru-hiking the PCT 2011, CT 2014, Ice Age Trail 2017 Artist/sculptor, professor, master fabricator
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