Sonora Pass to S Lake Tahoe

Sun, July 17
To Asa Lake

Started at 7:30. Lovely morning and scenic in am light. I sleptcold. Pretty snowless uphill and then lots of snow! Tiring. Enjoyed a longer lunch then rushed on hoping to do 18 mi today which we did! Exhausting afternoon snow slog- no fresh prints except some bear tracks! Tons of SM creeks. Nice campsite on far side of Asa Lake.


Mon July 18
Asa Lk- Pleasant Valley

Am climb over a few sketchy iced snow patches up to a gorgeous view. Then Noble lake, SM one we descended to on a snow patch too icy to glissade. Then Ebbetts pass just after it we found a cooler of trail magic from Meadow Mary! Super pick me up surprise! Apple, cookies, an Emergen-C. Staved off lunch a bit!

Tue July 19
Pleasant valley CG – Tahoe Rim Trail

C-Train came by camp in am, he started at 5 am! I was mosquito bitten and grumpy as they attacked me at night and morning. Very scenic day, some climbs but not brutal and not too much snow. Climbing the Nipple (so named accordingly) was a bear with harsh wind non stop.  Lovely trail though, flowers killer vistas of mts and 2 big lakes.  I listened to some Harry Potter to distract from the annoying wind.  Had ot eat a Meal Pack bar, not fun or yummy anymore.

snow patches down and back up. ate luch at the 2nd Blue Lake Rd, I made beans and veggie taco mix.  Elephants Back was no big deal- I made some videos.  Some snow fields but there were good foot beds and soft snow.  Started to bump into day hikers then… road approaching!  We wondered if we might Yogi some snacks/drinks… and there’s Steve!  Hi again Steve!  Husband of Steady who is hiking sections this yr and thrued in 03.  Still not met her.  Met Steve at Sonora Pass and he gave us cold drinks and candy.  He did so now again oh boy!  He also shared his Subway sandwich with us which was super generous and most welcome.  Hiked on to  the old Meiss cabin from 1870s German farmers.  neat to see some historic evidence.  Hannes shered his tortellini with me for dinner.  10 or 11 mi to Hwy 50 and town.  Did almost 20 mi today.

Wed, Th, Fri 20, 21, 22.
Arr. S. Lake Tahoe!

Still snow and a bit of navigation.  Suprised at the snow moguls and snowy slides even as we had a view of the Lake.  We met a lady named Nancy who was out on a day hike- we chatted as we all hiked together (she kept up no problem!) and she used to work for Nat’l Parks and is an avid hiker.  She offered a lift to town- sweet!  She took us to the P.O. to fetch out pkgs and gave us the low down on good eats in town and as we discussed our hotel options took us to her house where upon her suggestion we used Hotwire to find a cheap nice hotel.  Brilliant.  We stayed 3 nights – one too many in my opinion… but perfect location near the stateline casinos.  Lots of food options all nearby.  did laundry at a casino!!

Kept in touch w Nancy and she gave us a lift back to trailhead, fantastic!  Even waited patiently as we mailed our ice axes and bear cannisters away (joy of joys)  I got mail from my 4 year old nephew Nico with some fun drawings.  Thanks Marc and Hyon-Hee and Nico!


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