S Lake Tahoe- Donner Pass

Sat July 23

Nancy picked us up at noon and shuttled us around on errands and we arrived back on trail at 2:00.  It was warm and we ate Ice cream at Echo Lake resort store. We bumped into Queso and Cerveza on the way! From there trail went uphill along beautiful lakes and we camped on a big flat rock next to Lake Aloha which was one heck of a sweet spot! snow, water, a marmot, sunset!


I was crazy slow packing this am. Too much town done slowed me down!  Nice hike super gorgeous along Aloha Lake, really enjoyed it.  Met Doc Chonies, and climbed Dicks Pass which took.  Quite a while.  Still lots of snow up there.  I think it was  today we met a ranger who actually checked our thru-hike permits!  It was a pretty long 20 mi day, largely snow-free but mosquitos were killing me at the end when we arrived at Richardson Lake hoping fo find the shelter marked on the map (didn’t) but we found a nice anti-bug smokin fire lit by Gypsey way? and her brother Don Quiqote we really liked chatting with them and eating dinner and sharing snacks.

Richardson Lake (1123) – past Whiskey Creek (1143)

I was going slower than H today so we pretty much hiked solo and my mind wandered- met him @ Barker Pass for apple and snack. Saw a runner there.  Some snow after that but really not so bad. It must have melted a ton in a week or so since Wired came thru. There was one insane snow ridge part we did having lost footsteps- it was sortof ridiculous! Then bam! dirt trail again and alls good.  Woah.  So we stopped for lunch (w avacado) up there and Tiny Dancer comes along solo.  I recognized her from a brief meeting back in Idyllwild and she joined our hiking team. yay!  We 3 camped just past Whiskey Creek and cooked dinners.


A buck came thru camp in the am.  we didn’t get a super early start, and none of us seemed to mind.  Sure enough Squaw valley did still have a good deal of snow.  Ate lunch on a ridge where we called the Pooh’s corner trail angels, and they ARE hosting.  Sweet!  Figured we’d arrive at 5 pm.  Speed Bump and Rocky were there.  Bill fit all of us and our gear in the car.  Nice to eat ice cream before a shower and dinner.  Sortof a weird vibe but good to have a pick-me-up rest and as Tiny D calls it, a “calorie bomb”.

Arr. Donner Pass 5 pm, July 26
Trail angels Bill and Molly picked us up with Rocky and Speedbump! Cleaned and super well fed I’m falling asleep on their back patio overlooking Donner Lake. Sweet!





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Thru-hiking the PCT 2011, CT 2014, Ice Age Trail 2017 Artist/sculptor, professor, master fabricator
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2 Responses to S Lake Tahoe- Donner Pass

  1. Randy L. says:

    Glad to hear you’re doing well. Nice photos !

  2. lostandfound says:

    Dot – saw you at KO and Motel 6 in Big Bear where I got off. I’m doing Trail Magic at mile 1988.75 August 13-31, and hope to see you. Have flyers posted south of there at Elk Lake, Shelter Cove, etc. Hope to see you again. – Lost and Found

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