Halfway monument to Dunsmuir

Passed the halfway monument (“minument” said Pfeistey) so I’m halfway done with my hike!

had some real rough days. Hit 1500 mi today and resting in Dunsmuir tonite

No time to update and post pics yet!  —–I’m updating on Sept 6 from Sisters, Oregon…




Crasher and Flash left bubbles for celebratory revelations!  Thanks ladies, good thinking


Hannes fetched pizza, ice cream, soda, and beer.  Our halfway celebration.  And I was starved so this was quite a surprise to me.  I was lagging behind and needing to stop and cook a fatty meal.  Good job Hannes.  Yum.  Tiny Dancer may have won for consuming most.


mineral deposits.  Nearing Drakesbad, hello hot spring activity!

20110813-090042.jpg Entering Drakesbad.  What is this furry critter?  I did not take any photos of Drakesbad, which is a shame.  It is FANTASTIC.  This sweetie of a German dude runs the joint.  He gave me a big hug, sent me to the laundry girl who gave me clothes that decked me out like a pre-teen (funny), pointed me to the showers and hot spring-fed pool and took me down for dinner reservation.  $10 crazy amazing dinner.  This guy takes a loss feeding us for sure.  There’s a PCT hiker reserved table.  Salad, killer potato bread, salmon and lamb, pilaf, veg medley, and carrot cake.  We drank dunkel-weiss beer which I’d never even heard of, it was amazing.  Sadly, we camped in the crappy huge car camping place up the road and it was a weekend.  I popped in my earplugs and enjoyed the use of the privvy though.

Hat Creek Rim.  This completely sucked.  But this was the first view of Mt. Shasta, which signalled a potential end of California, very cool to see.  However it was all exposed, and seemed to go on forever and ever.  The fact its a 25 mi waterless stretch did not help.  I grew enormously weary.  too much heat, sun, and exposure plus not enough eating (didn’t wanna) tuckered me out.  I told Hannes to go, I was weary.  Pooped out at 6 pm, barely moving like 1 mph.  feet hurt and uber exhausted.  My last Mountain House dinner of beef stroganoff might have saved my ass.  (thanks, mom)
*note* a water cache is located half way.  That was super cuz I unexpectedly went way slower than anticipated, so I took some.


20110813-090218.jpg walkin on lava rock.  yow.


I don’t know what this amazing water bird is (lousy far away pic) it has a super long beak




20110813-090731.jpg Dam!



20110813-090910.jpg Shasta, shasta!
20110813-091038.jpg more Shasta!

20110813-091058.jpg huge leafy plant at water source

ya run across some really classy stuff in the woods near roads

20110813-091128.jpg wasp nest



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