Dunsmuir – Etna, CA

Sat Aug 13
Pfeisty, Hannes, and I got into Dunsmuir by noon yesterday and spent nite in Dunnsmuir hotel and suites for $100.  Nice shower, laundry around the corner from the brewery where I loved my food (brat!) and beer but the waitress accidentally spilt my pint all over me.  Nice.  I still had tons of food left over so didn’t need to resupply much, got some cheese and sausage.  We got a ride from a lady who ate breakfast at the same cafe we did, but her van’s battery had died.  We just waited for AAA to come jump it.  Hit the trail at 1 pm.  Soon saw a mama bear and 2 cubs very cool!  I saw another cub later running downhill from the trail.
It was nice to rest and clean up in town.  I needed it but I really want more rest, town food, clean-ness, coolness, and computer time.  I’m pretty damn grumpy from heat, uphill climbing, sore feet, ugly views, and overgrown trail.  Hannes and I both were in a low point, so it was nice to have Pfeisty join us for some fresh perspective and company.  However, I also feel overdue for some solo-time and silence.  I haven’t slept well in 3 nites.  I gotta get some z’s and get outta this funk!  Camped very early and will be asleep by 8pm.

Almost out of Cali!!!! Spending nite at Hiker Hut in lovely Etna after a kickass meal at the local brewery!

Here’s some pics of this section:


20110818-084612.jpg bear poo.  Saw lots of bears around here!  The coolest being a good sized mama bear and two uber cute cubs.  On trail they looked at us and scooted off trail.  I saw another cub later which ran quickly away.



Castle Crags

Pfeistey and Han Solo squeezed into this spot, saving the other clear spot for me- very sweet of them as I was super grumpy and having a rough time.  Mosquitos and heat combined with endless uphill slog made me feel a bit hopeless.  Let’s just say I was having a rough day.20110818-084942.jpg



OH MY GOSH.  It’s a CLOUD.  A CLOUD!!!!  I have not seen such a thing in months.


beautiful.  I freakin love ridge walking.  and water.  and perfect weather.  happiness returns.



and here we have a fat dollop of snow to navigate over.  Wow, haven’t seen the likes in a while.  And its freakin hot today.  Almost to the road to Etna!

20110818-085402.jpghuge snow pile on top of the mountain before Etna.


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