Etna- Callahan’s in Oregon!

Fri Aug 19   20 mi    Fisher Lk – Buckhorn Spring

Woke early.  Beautiful morning but hit the trail at 7:30 which now seems my norm since I discovered breakfast in bed. Pfeistey caught me after act an hr and we chatted act the merits of craftsmanship.  Hannes had a rough day- he’s bored.  I had a pretty good day- sweaty warm though and a bit too much up and down but all ridge walking which I love.  Today was supposed to be 25-27 mi so I’m surprised they camped early.  I wanted to go a few mi more and just find a little solo spot but this is good too.  Pitched under a really cool big ancient mossy tree.  22 easy mi to Seiad.

Sat Aug 20  Buckhorn Spring -Seiad Valley-Fern Spring

I enjoyed oatmeal and strawberries for breakfast after sleeping until 7:00, we headed out at 8.  A simple day elevation wise- steep drop to a long flat road walk.  Highlight was picking ripe blackberries.  Hannes loved that.  Seiad was hot as blazes but we got in at 3:30.  Restaurant was closed but I had a microwave pizza, 1L of soda, and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s!  Store is decently supplied for hikers but I was carrying plenty of food from mom’s pick-me-up package of extra-good grub.

I impressed Hannes and Pfeistey by picking open the door of the bathroom which we accidentally locked shut.  A lady and her kids came and parked to hit a swimming hole nearby but after gorging and resting, we just hit the trail for a few more miles.

Sun Aug 21.  ~22 mi  Fern Spring (just past Seiad) – 1 mi before Rd 47N63

We look forward to signs saying Canada is less than 1,000 miles.  I need to deal with my entry permit.  Today was mostly ridge walking- 2 long uphill sections and the afternoon was all exposed and hot as blazes.  Not much on trail water.  Ate a lot, a long day despite only ending in 22 mi.  I only went a bit past Hannes and Pfeistey to pitch higher up in a breezier spot, quite nice and quiet.  Heard rumbles of thunder to SE for awhile.  We enter Oregon tomorrow!  9 pm zzzzz….

Mon Aug 22. ~27 mi.     1 mi before Rd 47N63 – Spur Rd 1718

Tired.  Brain Dead.  Crappy dinner.  Ready for Callahan’s tomorrow!  Great view campsite.

Hoo boy did I under estimate caloric needs on this stretch. There’s a tad more uphill than you think, it’s tiring and hungry work, maybe I dropped another 5 pounds!

Callahan’s is fantastic. $40 gets you killer dinner w salad, nice bread, AYCE spaghetti plus breakfast w eggs, bacon, fruit, AYCE pancakes! And nice lawn camping too plus shower w all fixins and laundry. We also had fish n chip lunch and they have great beer on tap ( duh it’s Oregon!)

We camped near Spur Rd last nite, simply could not catch Han Solo. Gorgeous view on both sides, cell reception too first time in days! Only 11 or 12 EZ mi to here. H went to Ashland for long term resupplies. We chill here. Most comfortable!!

Did 27 mi to the Spur Rd and about wanted to die. Several uphill stretches sapped me w not enough snacks to survive.

20110823-060108.jpg old, dead gaitors

new glamourous gaitors

20110823-060319.jpg fungus among us


interesting layered rock in Granite wilderness, much more impressive in real life



20110823-060633.jpg cool erosion


good size pile o bear poo

further evidence that growth, endurance, and perseverance are a challenge


Caterpillar in plaid.  Pink and black plaid.  I’m impressed fuzzy buddy!

20110823-060954.jpg  mossy moss

Dear mom, thank you So, so so much for the new mosquito head net.  Losing mine last week was a real bummer, and look, here I am using it the day after receiving it.  Very good.

20110823-061032.jpg what is this cool peeling tree?

bridge on road walk part to Seiad Valley.  it is hot, hot.

want to put body in creek.  hot.

climb after Seiad has nice view

Donate to the PCTA people!  Its a good cause!  The trail is mighty over grown.  But here, at least its over grown w wild flowers.

YES!  It’s true!  On the PCT California does not extend all the way up to Canada!  Hi Oregon!


20110823-061448.jpg Butterflies on sh*t !


hand drawn sign w directions for PCTers to Callahans, pretty cool.

heck yes!  I ate killer choc cake and a Black Butte Porter draft for dessert.

Callahan’s copious hiker breakfast.  WOW.  This pic precedes hopeless food coma.


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Thru-hiking the PCT 2011, CT 2014, Ice Age Trail 2017 Artist/sculptor, professor, master fabricator
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2 Responses to Etna- Callahan’s in Oregon!

  1. Hey Dot,
    I’ll have you know that I am living vicariously through you! I may be back at work and going through all the paces of life but, my mind is still on the trail. Your blog has been fun to follow. Great pics!!
    How does it feel to be out of CA ??? Your almost there, so to speak!
    My knee is feeling much better. I think I am going to hike the Tahoe Rim Trail in a couple weeks. I need to get on the trail again. At least “a” trail again!! I am planning on a redo on my thru-hike next year. April will be here before I know it!
    Keep on truckin………. 🙂


    • wanderingdot says:

      Moose! Great to hear from you, made my day. I’ll tell ya, the physical challenge is over. All mental now and it’s often boring as hell. Some days quite rough and even minor gear or body failure really drag me down. EZ terrain means big mi days but they are mostly all the same!

      But it’s huge to be done w Cali. I gotta remember the big picture- you’re right, I am almost there. Bridge of the Gods will be another huge marker.

      Beware hot and exposed areas, have good water source info. Hope it’s not too hot on Tahoe rim for ya

      Plodding on,

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