Callahan’s to Sisters, OR

WOW I get to use a real computer. It’s been months! Lets see if I remember how to do this…. will try to update some of the empty spots. Here’s whats recent:

Sun. abt 19 mi
to Crater Lake Mazama Village

Crazy tired. I want to sleep a whole day, I might have to! Sore everything. Ate my first All You Can Eat Buffet on the trail! oh boy. pizza, lasagna, salad, ribs… didn’t really eat a ton though. Am I sick?

Mon Aug

I got to sleep/be horizontal for 12 hours! Woo! And clean from shower- free towel/soap/shampoo/lotion! CG was a horrid parking lot and the front and center spot but Hannes had met a nice yound Gutch couple who let us share and he’s been waiting (fruitlessly) for his pkg. We finally left @ 12:30 in the heat for the Rim Village for “lunch” so abt 4.5 mi uphill. The grab-n-go cafe has overpriced deli stuff thats ez and would make a nice picnic (w jumbo fountain drink!) but we went to the fancy lodge for bad service and good food w killer view. I am carrying WAY too much food plus 4L water. thru 25 mi dry stretch- ironic w/ lake view….
even lugging weight the hike out is glorious. We are ‘stealth’ camped N of Hillman Peak, did almost 10 mi today. tho i considered a nero/zero but now I feel great the scene was ideal tonite to cure my thru hiker blues- i got a big body of water, “quiet” ridge walk w vista, sunset behind distant mts, breeze, and a deer and a marmot. I pitched further fm Hannes and Pfeistey, out of the wind behind a hill in sand. saw a shooting star amazingly before total sunset! made a wish. Now munching Cracklin Oat Bran cereal and dried cranberries. Yay! will sleep great and look foreward to feeling happy hiker tomorrow.


nice couch ornament.  Callahan’s!  There’s Bob at the desk

hikers assume the stance


under 1,000 mi to go at last!


20110905-095226.jpg I’m overloaded w supplies
Crater Lake is amazing, gorgeous, and incredible.  An amazing uplift after some dreary forest slogs.  We ate at the lodge and got on our way to camping along the rim for a magical evening.  One of those, “Oh ya!  That’s what this is all about” moments.





well, that’s a new sign.  The Cinder Cone fires are smallish and did not affect the PCT



20110905-100624.jpg some snow on the East face of Diamond Peak


20110905-101337.jpg ain’t so high


nice lake we camped on, there was a fire smoldering outside a fire ring which Pfeistey was engaged in putting out.  Wind kicked up overnight and woke to a big wet moving cloud.  Cold too.  Almost like being at sea.  Sorta.

a different odd non photosynthetic plant.  what is it?

burn out area was pretty big





chillin at Elk Lake, a really super stop, great people, low key, and everything you need.  Here I’m watchin the sailors and paddlers as I eat my ice cream before going back to the trail.  It was hard to resist all the great local beers on tap as the live singer/songwriter music was beginning.  A banjo!  Dang!  But I hit the trail like a good thru-hiker.

20110905-102240.jpg  In my tent just past Mirror Lakes, My leftover half BLAT sandwich and a few sweet potato fries, and the IPA I packed out.  Bless you, sweet sweet New Belgium brewery, for putting this brew in a can.  Oh joy.  First packed out beer!


20110905-102354.jpg view of the fire that I’m walking towards.  Shadow Lake Fire got big and closed a 18 mi section of trail that must be skipped.  Crap.

20110905-102438.jpg Obsidian.  very cool.  near Obsidian falls.

20110905-102510.jpg fire.  big.  poofy.  scary.  And at this point I’m needing to cook a big huge meal, I’m out of fuel and way pooped.  Can’t make my miles today and probably won’t make it to Hwy 242 where the trail is closed on the other side of it to Hwy 20.  Luckily I got email from mom (thanks mom!) ensuring me the fire won’t singe me if I camp before reaching it. 


Lava lava lava


Walkin straight into Mordor.  Expecting the Orc army any moment.

20110905-102648.jpg even in Sept, unmelted snow to ski down.


Big huge spinach salad in Sisters.  Popeye power, I need you!  Stregnth still sapped.  I bumped into Oakdale on trail and he shared a super nice hotel room at the Best Western with me.  I wanted to use the computer here and rock the AYCE hot breakfast including make your own belgian waffles.  I rocked that so hard I feel like barfing.  Still super tired and run down.  My stomach doesn’t know what’s up either.  I’ve been eating mechanically, not enjoying it at all or feeling like eating.  But the last 2 days I was so slow and exhausted that hiking was pathetic.  better to rest now and have some power days.  Shoot.  It’s noon  on Tues Sept 6 right now, and I’m undecided to hit trail (I’m fully packed and ready) or to get a room at the cheaper hotel across the street and sleep all day.  Hmm. oh heck I feel like crap, I’m gonna ZERO!
HEREs vid of the fire


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