Sisters to Cascade Locks

Wed Sept 7
Sisters/Hwy 20- flat area past Rockpile Lk

Had to stay 2nd nite in town. Ill and exhausted. Rest good . Hike N from 20 all ugly exposed burnout many mi. I didn’t go fast but was all ok. Talked to many SoBos abt fires. Got water at Rockpile and continued to big flat sandy area. Heard deer in nite. Noticed short days now, sun set and dark at 8.

Th sept 8
25.5 mi to Shallow Lk

I seem allergic to the fire smoke.very watchful of my food/drink intake today- keep fuelled up. Several climbs today. Enjoyed my new Radiolab podcasts much. Good call, Annie! Mt Jefferson is majestic and s I passed it in afternoon a thunderstorm on top. Then Mosquitos and snow patches on entering Mt Hood wilderness.

I will hit Badger Butte fire detour in abt 10 mi tomorrow

Fri sept 9
Record day, 36.5 mi

Cool unexpected soda stop at Ollallie Lake store, found out there’s several hikers a few hrs ahead. Soon after came the 26 mi road walk detour. First two parts on rocky road sucked then it became paved and exposed and I secretly prayed for trail magic. Dude in truck slows down and hands me a cold soda! Yes! A berry Squirt. He tells me soon it will turn to a shady unpaved Rd. Sweet. Met a forest service guy wondering what I was doing, he fm Deshuttes forest.

Met Plant at shady unpaved start with water for hikers cool! Sapped I had to lay down too. This shady sect was really nice and pleasant and even when I hit Rd 42 pavement it wasn’t so bad. Picked blackberries! After dark met Sourdough, Turtle and Magellan making dinner. Feet throb I pitched in a decent spot maybe 1/2 mi back into PCT. Approaching Timothy Lk. 10:30 pm Zzzz

Sat 9-10-11
Chilled w the Canadians and Sourdough for hrs this am, what a bunch of sweeties. That put me in to Timberline just after dark and I almost crashed a wedding party!

Tired but I got some beer salad and good soup, but pricey. Plant sat and chatted awhile. He wanting to watch opening of football season tomorrow. Boys. Is it weird for it to fall on 9/11?

Pitched 1/4 mi away where I can still see the roofs!

Sun am
Wondering when store will open to get my pkg and ready for breakfast buffet!



another cool caterpillar


“Three Fingered Jack”





wow frozen solid with lots of dirt- dense yucky mess, but a snow bridge nonetheless!


Oh goodie, a wet shoe water crossing! Its been ages since I’ve done this.

20110911-091442.jpg Ya, me too.


Mt. Jefferson lookin sexy


7,000′ and still some snow. Where Deschuttes forest meets Mt Hood forest. And mucho fire smoke in the air.


Ollalie lake, with Mt Jefferson view. Lovely! And nobody around cuz all the smoke. This was an unexpected store, yay! Who knew a pit toilet and a cold soda could make a gal so happy.

20110911-091632.jpg Let the bummer begin!


SCORE! It’s a pretty solid fact that cute chicks get way more trail magic than scruffy dudes. Whatever “Berry red Squirt” is, it’s freaking fantastic when it shows up, cold, on a hot pavement road walk. Thanks guy in blue truck!

20110911-091756.jpg Night hikers beware. Bigass frogs near Timothy Lake.

20110911-091827.jpg finally a view of Mt Hood!


Gaaaaah! Suck of sucks! I waited too long (chillin) at Timberline Lodge. I camped out back after dinner (yummy soup n salad n beer at bar tired but nice) got breakfast and resupply pkg in am. Then I sat on the cushiony chairs and couches. BIG mistake people! I was planning my Washington resupply situation and bam! It’s white outside. Mt Hood, gone! Sky, adios! The wind shifted and it’s all smoke out there. I’m sneezy inside, I sure don’t wanna hike in this yuck. Crap! Admittedly I was dreading the fire re route, how it’s way longer and there’s road walking too. But this!? Dude.

Well, at least I’m blowing my cash on very fine Mt Hood Brewery IPA as I wait, but it seems to get worse! Yellowish? Gaaaaah! The picture windows in the top floor of the lodge here at the Ram’s Bar show bright white- all is like a green screen gone wrong at the movies. Bizzare. NOW what?!



Yuck! Fortunately, my new buddies Turtle, Magellan, and Sourdough showed up and together we drank copious amounts of delicious IPA together and waddled across the little stream to the campsite. The air was a little better the next day, and I resolved to do the detour, but I don’t like it. It’s just SO not the PCT. Ok some of it was pretty darn cool where the trail drops to a super silty glacial river here and there. But the trail re-route goes on the East side of MT hood instead of the west side, so the Eagle Creek alternate with a bunch of cool waterfalls was inaccessible. Anyways I hiked all freakin over the East side of Hood and finally spit out on Hwy 35 and started night hiking that. It was kinda nice at night- had a full moon, very few cars. Found a sweet sandy spot next to the Hood River to pitch and chow down on my Mountain House meat lasagna, my favourite with olive oil and parm.

But in the morning, the road walk sucked. Tons of big rigs, noise and general unpleasant road walking. Buck up camper. I started to hit this string of orchard fruit stand/stores. Yes! Nectarines and peaches and pear cider- fantastic! Then a huge ice cream cone (huckleberry and “death by chocolate”) and a soda. Now the road walk is becoming a fun, albeit super slow tourist scenic route…. so yes, yes I did stop in the winery for a quick tasting, and the Pinot Noir was pretty fantastic.

Ok, so about 20 miles of that right. Then Hood River (oooh cute!) where I found a Thai food trailer that was super awesome. A dude came and ate next to me and we got chatty and talked about cool local natural sites and he bought me a thai iced coffee, excellent. My tofu veg pad thai was really really really great, and I couldn’t even finish it. So I rinsed last night’s lasagne bag and tossed it in. It was real windy here at the gorge and you can see all the kite surfers.

Next part of the detour is to hike west on I-84 and I did make it a couple miles in the high winds but decided death by semi-truck or flying rock or whatever is not for me. Ya know, I really tried to do the true thru-hiker thing, but this is just ridiculous. I got a hitch from a gas station from some nice guys touring the area for business. It’s sorta fun to trip out people with my hiking stories- almost 5 months now… and over 2100 miles…. I picked up Sourdough’s resupply package which I get to pick thru, and headed to the RV Park motel across the street which is actually really nice. See, I’m using the computer here and they also have a huge DVD library. The rooms all have mini-kitchens too. What more could you want? ok, time to rest. Washington, I’m comin for ya tomorrow.













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  1. Randy the Biker Dude says:

    Great photos, good to hear you’re still movin’ along !

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