Into Washington!

Stayed at the RV park motel which is great- thanks Sourdough for mentioning it. The Best Western was full anyhow and this place is across the street and also has a computer to use, plus a huge DVD library! I’m just sorting my food, I had lots left over and Sourdough left me his unneeded package too, but it’s a big uphill slog going from almost sea level back to the mtns.

Wed sept 14
Cascade Locks-past Spur Tr
Abt 17 mi, not bad for a half day!

I saw two (a pair) of mountain lions today! Really! (note: cougar/puma same) most unexpected! The two guys who gave me a ride W to Cascade Locks from Hood River mentioned the gov of OR waging war on mtn lions and wolves who’ve been attacking… What? Farm chickens?

Th 15 Sept. My 5 month anniversary
In dark trees slept till 8! Chilly am. I had dry camped so when I got to the creek I filteredplenty for yum drinks and caffeine. Light drizzle, grey. Climb wasn’t bad. Slower than I hoped I’d be today but that’s ok. At Wind River Rd there was a tiny sign, a note on tape actually “store closed”. Oh. Hmm. I tried flagging down cars to ask. Did not go well. I counted on a partial resupply even if only a bigass meal right now. Hmm….5 pm. I got a supercool local lady to turn around to talk, yay! Cute white lab puppy in back. Yes store ling closed…. Let me take you 10 mi to the store. Fantastic. Thank you to Donna, the nicest huckleberry pickin local herbalist! Pint of choc ben and jerry’s, a sandwich, chips, etc. Joy!!!!

I nite hiked past Panther Creek, I had enough panthers thanks. Heard an owl hoot so freaking loud and perfect I thought it was a person doing it somehow. Got to SM Rd where I wanted to camp but people there so I squeezed in a bit further up trail.

Fri 16 sept
That couple passed me in am as I packed. I saw a black midnight black bear SM/med size no brown whatsoever even in the muzzle! Cute, small eared fuzzy fat ass turned and was gone! Chilly day mostly uphill. Some scenic vistas. Met a solo day hiker and arrived at drive up CG where last weeks trail magic was. Oh but I do love a pit toilet.
Passed two on horses returning here. Then found the couple I had camped near. Forever and Ever, hows ghat for trail names?! Real sweet old couple who have flip flopped but check out those legs! I did 27 mi and stopped before total dark, not bad! Mac n cheese w olive oil, butter buds, parm, and salami. YUM and fat-tastic. So enjoying my O’Brian books on audio. 18 mi to town!!! Meal and bed!





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Thru-hiking the PCT 2011, CT 2014, Ice Age Trail 2017 Artist/sculptor, professor, master fabricator
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3 Responses to Into Washington!

  1. Susan H. says:

    Wow! You are almost done. Kudos. I really wanted to hike the PCT this summer and have been following you among others from the beginning, you are the only one left! It’s neat to see your pictures and see some of the same plants we have here in AK. That proves you are getting very far north at this point. Congratulations on all you’ve achieved!
    -Susan H.

  2. Randy the Biker Dude says:

    Christi, a couple of my friends have been following your posts also, after I told them about meeting you in Lone Pine. We’re all enjoying following along with you and excited you’re getting close…..such an awesome feat. Talk to you soon.

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