Stehekin to Canada

Fri Oct 7 Stehekin to Fireweed CG ~15 mi

20111013-102921.jpgboth Storytime and Gene ordered the “PCT burger”:
wo half pound patties, bacon, cheese, ham, two fried eggs, plus LTO on a bun.  Good luck boys.


I got a nice salmon dinner!


Stehekin Bakery.  Best cinnamon roll EVER.  Insanity!

Didn’t sleep well. Anxious about bad weather, 7,000′ passes, and being part of this large bickering group. Icarus took care of laundry, Gene biked to the bakery with our orders, and then he made killer potato fried pancakes with the pile of leftover mashed potatoes from the restaurant’s kitchen (thanks to Jackass and Molasses who work there). I savored my huge cinnamon roll and made coffee.

Packing took awhile for us all, we left the room at 11:45. I sent away a pound of unneeded stuff- phone chargers, maps, mosquito net, rope. My pack feels great, really light despite packing extra food “just in case” (we get snowed in or something). I feel overloaded from all the talking and bustle of being in a crowd- we hikers held a huge table in the restaurant. All the guys talking over each other drove me nuts, and Storytime’s grumpy dark cloud overshadowed all- I felt amazed and relieved when he took his pack out of the suburban last minute as we loaded in for our ride back to trail. Pfeistey was waiting at the trailhead, and we cheered her but it seems like her foot is really bad and she might not make it. Best wishes to all and its trail time, I tried to hike fast and wanted to have a private camp for the night. Managed 15 mi to Fireweed camp, nice place and quiet but near the stream.

Sat. Oct 8 26.8 mi Fireweed CG – Glacier Pass CG

Hard to get some peace and quiet. Nearing the end of my hike I’m needing solitude and reflection. I did have a lovely solo night though last nite, and surprised everyone’s leaving me alone tonight, as I got to camp much earlier and set up away from the fire Icarus was making- just want to eat and rest and chill with my thoughts, not chatty. Then Storytime showed up, I could hear his voice and the mood of the others upon his arrival. And he comes looking to pitch by me… which would have been fine had he kept his mouth shut. I wanted space and quiet, but at least let me keep one, sheesh. Apparently everybody gave him a piece of their minds and so he came to ask mine and he got it. But he still pitched right next to me. He’s either dense, brazen, or disrespectful but I don’t really care. Its the end of my long journey and I don’t want to spend it with some jerk I just met. Anyway today was really a great day of hiking and I enjoyed it. The 6800′ Cutthroat Pass was beautiful and had a few inches of snow and the next pass was nice too. You could see the trail curve around the mtns and the long descent w/ autumn colours rocking. I spent much of the day alone ahead, enjoying the sounds and my thoughts. Everyone talking around the fire now, and me with earplugs for much needed sleep!

20111013-103641.jpgfun suspension bridge

20111013-103658.jpg found comb



20111013-103849.jpgHa ha, it’s sunny at rainy pass!


20111013-103947.jpg stunning scenery and weather


20111013-104115.jpgYarr mateys, its Cutthroat Pass!

20111013-104131.jpgIs this where Trail Angels come from?



20111013-104436.jpgAs the weather turns sketchy and I enter a different wilderness area and find this sign AHA!  Who’s to blame, I wonder, wonder wonder.  Could it be….


20111013-104542.jpgA little driving horizontal snow and rain never hurt anybody.  Lookee pretty colors!



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Thru-hiking the PCT 2011, CT 2014, Ice Age Trail 2017 Artist/sculptor, professor, master fabricator
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2 Responses to Stehekin to Canada

  1. Uncle Tom says:

    Liked reading the end of the PCT hike but the pics were distracting. Do you know that many of them read upside down and sideways?

    • wanderingdot says:

      that’s odd. They look fine on my computer. Not sure what’s up with that. Maybe it’s a mac thing.
      I still have a few spots to fill in on the journal as well. Righto. So… CDT 2013?

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