Afterthoughts on thru-hiking

oh man.  I’ve flown to Boston and Denver.  I was in a drawing show in Boston (I’m an artist). I’ve picked up my truck which is mostly full of stuff and tomorrow I’m heading to Santa Fe to see if that’s gonna be my home for awhile or what.  Both my iphone and my ancient mac are dying a cruel, painful demise. But soon, so soon, they will be replaced and technology will be fun and user friendly again! So soon, maybe this weekend I  Will update bits of the blog to fill in the blank spots, add pics, etc.

I do want this blog to be complete, and a useful resource for future thru-hikers! I really appreciated reading previous hikers blogs for advice on gear, and what to expect in different parts of the trail.

Monday Nov. 7, 2011

It’s been almost a month since I finished my hike. I found a great live/work studio in Santa Fe and somewhat arbitrarily chose to move here. What can I say, I follow my guts. I’ve had a job interview (eek!) and have been diligently filling my new home with STUFF. It may seem strange to you, but this has been a freakish chore. Especially after living out of my pack for six months… but I haven’t had my own place in ten years. I haven’t even had A PLACE for two and a half years. As I did the arts residency circuit, my living was sortof like in a hotel. I haven’t even had to buy my own freaking toilet paper for two and a half years! And now I need to get forks, garbage cans, a bed, all kitchen stuff, oh man. wow.

Sometimes it’s fun. You know, I’m like… “decorating”. Other times the overwhelming options/choice are debilitating. I keep thinking of when my friend Alison got back from several years in Turkmanistan in the Peace Corps. I remember the tremors in her voice as she said…”I dunno, Christy, I went to the store… and there’s like 50 kinds of plastic wrap. I can’t handle it!” That’s exactly what it feels like. How do I know which one to choose, or how to make a wise choice?

Sometimes I downloaded podcasts onto my iphone to listen to while hiking. I’m really cracked out on RadioLab, and there was a particularly poignant episode called “Choice” which addresses this point.

Right. So I was talking to my super awesome friend Annie (who hiked the first month with me) today about my “nesting” freakouts, and figured that I really just need to go for a hike. So I looked up one, and ill weather be damned I hiked. There is this sweet Dale Ball Network of trails criss-crossing in the hills. It was hilarious to me to read this Freudian-slip typo online:

“Both trials eventually join and take you toward the top of Atalaya Mountain, a 9,121-foot peak.”

Pretty awesome, right?  The trail is a trial, and I really miss that trial.  The ease and comfort of normal life feels really wrong.  Well, at least I’m still sleeping on my leaky Neo Air and in my bag!  Sheesh, like I know the first thing about buying a bed.  Working on it though.

Ok, so I look forward to being an artist again.  I have built some work benches, which is cool, and I’m ready to unwrap this sculpture that is about halfway complete.  Now, to re-train myself to spending all day making stuff instead of walking…

more soon.


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Thru-hiking the PCT 2011, CT 2014, Ice Age Trail 2017 Artist/sculptor, professor, master fabricator
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3 Responses to Afterthoughts on thru-hiking

  1. thf2 says:

    Wonderful! Congrats, and welcome back to “civilization”…even though the trail is far more civilized than here… 🙂

    ~ Rawhide

  2. JackandBarb says:

    Wandering Dot – Awesome journey and you did it in one of the toughest hiking seasons ever! Congratulations!! JackandBarb

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