Reconnecting with hikers, and thank-you’s

I am sending out these postcards I made to the bazillion awesome folks that helped out along the way.  I hope I don’t forget anybody!

In collecting address and whatnot, I reconnected with lots of my hiking friends, and chatted with Wired on the phone.  It’s been super cool to have lots of emails in my inbox from “my people”.  I still think of the trail every single day.

I find it difficult to process and internalize in a succinct way.  Probably because I am a visual artist, I process in a more abstract way and can not pinpoint its meaning with particular words.  Not very well anyhow.

Been reading “No Way” Ray Echols’s A thru-Hiker’s Heart, which I won at the ADZPCTKO gear contest.  Some of the ways he writes about the experience really resonate in a meaningful way.  I need to send his widow, “Stone Dancer” a thank-you.

I’m getting a bunch of CDT (Continental Divide Trail) info and books for Christmas.  Perhaps the seed is planted for the next adventure.  Well, actually the next adventure is that I get to go to the arctic on an ice-breaking tall ship with a handful of international artists and scientists on the Arctic Circle residency, going north from Spitsbergen, Norway.  How cool is that?  Good thing I got all that snow and ice experience in the Sierras!!!



About wanderingdot

Thru-hiking the PCT 2011, CT 2014, Ice Age Trail 2017 Artist/sculptor, professor, master fabricator
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3 Responses to Reconnecting with hikers, and thank-you’s

  1. Dan says:

    Hey WD – Thanks for the card. I followed you along the way. So happy it worked out. Happy New Years and New Adventures!

    • wanderingdot says:

      Thanks Dan! You made it pretty far, any plans for more miles? Maybe see you at KO, I’m going to try to make it out to reconnect with our ‘class’ and root on this year’s class. Happy New Years!

  2. Rockin' says:

    Our family enjoyed your card. Thank you. We loved it! Hope we can help out on your upcoming adventures.

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