ADZPCTKO 2012 and hikers to follow!

Oh wow what a blast.

I arrived in San Diego Thursday morning, and got a rental car and enjoyed the Maritime Museum ships next to the airport (totally my thing) until I picked up one of my oldest and best friends, Aili.  Originally she was to thru-hike the PCT with me.  We checked out some great contemporary art and headed up to La Jolla where we booked a beach-front hotel room.  Yes!

My friend Mike, who I did an art residency with a few years ago (and who drove me to the border at Campo for my thru-hike) planned to meet up the next morning.  Aili and I ate, drank, took a beach walk to ogle the seals, and hit the sack.  In the AM we took care of some business and hit the beach, where I got sunburnt!

We met up with Mike and his friend Josh installing a small art show and I took Aili to the train station.  I had a late lunch with the guys before getting food and booze supplies and heading to ADZPCTKO.  It was getting dark when I arrived so I put up my tent quick and went to see the movie shorts.  I bumped into my old buddy Meander Moose, who had to quit the trail last year at Big Bear.  Bummer, as he and Krazy K were my favorites and I’d have loved to have thrued with them.  But Moose is attacking it this year, so follow his blog!

Then I found Joe and Terri Anderson (badass trail angles at Casa De Luna) and VirGo, who I met last year shooting footage for a trail angel documentary, and he’s thru hiking this year.  Follow him!

We all parties insanely that night with a bonfire and way too much booze.  I found Quake, Unload, Holden, Annie Mac, Tails, Liz, Rattler, Speedbump and who knows who else.  The hangover slowed me down in the am, as did numerous phone calls as my friend John fielded my storage unit move by cross-country movers.  An unenviable task, to be sure.  Dinner was a meatfest and then we watched the 2011 class video by Jack and Boo Boo.  It’s awesome!

Other hikers I knew and got to see were Stumbling Goat and Thumper, Stumbling Norweigian, SpiceRack, Chemical Burn, Drop and Roll, Topsy Turvy and Data Muffin, Rocky, Crasher,Tequila Jack and Boo Boo.  Tom the trail angel in Kennedy Meadows was there too.

It was an emotional trip.  I felt sad to miss the trail, to miss that life.  And most of my hiking friends didn’t make it to KO.  Bummer.  I had fun, just a bit out of place- my place was really walking.  On trail.  Really feeling it to plan my CDT thru hike next year.  walk walk walk.


About wanderingdot

Thru-hiking the PCT 2011, CT 2014, Ice Age Trail 2017 Artist/sculptor, professor, master fabricator
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2 Responses to ADZPCTKO 2012 and hikers to follow!

  1. Dbbrad says:

    Good article
    I met you on the pct last summer
    Trying to track down crasher who inspired me to do the Te Araroa in nz
    Im now on the pct
    If you have a contact for her please send it my way
    Thanks and hope your wondering is well


    • wanderingdot says:

      Hey DB Brad.
      I’ll give Crasher the message. Saw her at KO. I enjoyed some of your Te Araoa. YouTube videos! I plan to hike it in 2015 for my 40th. CDT next year!


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