Favorite Gear of 2011 updated to 2012

Dermatone Lip Balm.  The bestImage

Axio mini watch with altimeter Image

Dirty Girl Gaiters in dry areas and OR knee-high snow gaiter in the insane 2011 Sierra snow.

my homemade alcohol stove/windscreen/potstand/potcozy (though I aim to improve it further)  

Thermarest NeoAir size Med 66″  )13 oz)( a tad shorter than the Reg)  —update to brand new Thermarest Neo Air XLite Women’s, it has a higher R-value (warmth) and the Reg is 72″ is 12 oz or the short is 47″ and only 8 oz!  Trying to decide….Image

Patagonia Drifter women’s hiking shoes.  Very stiff, hard sole.  Durable- lasts 1500 miles!

Sole brand shoe blue inserts.  I am trying these and liking them better than Smartfeet and Montrail Enduro.  My arch is set more forward than “normal” so I got a bigger size where the arch felt correct and I trimmed off the extra in the toe area.  I had to do this with the Smartfeet berry (which I prefer over the green as they are a bit cushier under the ball of the foot and not as tall in the heel) and the Montrail Enduro which was okay but squished flat and wore out too fast.  The Sole brand is more $$$ but seems to be longer lasting.  However they do seem a bit too tall in the heel area, as was the Smartfeet green.  But so far, my fav. insole to date.

Tyvek ground cloth.  Totally the way to go.  You can wash it in the machine to make it less noisy.

4-pack of blue sporks from Wal-mart.  Best bang for your buck and you can afford to lose a few and give one to a buddy!  Cut it shorter if you want (makes it hard to stir you MountainHouse type meals though) or drill a hole in the end to hang it from your packImage

Lightload towels.  The dried hockey-puck type towel.  Looks like a paper towel but the regular size one weighs .5 oz and can dry my entire body and hair after a shower!  Disposeable after a few weeks use!  Image

Individual tiny packs of neosporin, anti-sting wipes, cortisone cream, alcohol wipes, “Wet Ones” for the inevitable poo-disaster or evening foot cleansing (often a great idea)

sewing kit, gift from “No Way” Ray’s wife “Stonedancer” contains 3 needles- one is very small, perfect for popping blisters.  3 kinds of thread- cotton for a wick to leave threadedthrough blisters overnight, nylon for fixing clothes, and something tougher for fixing your tent

tiny swiss army knife.  The smallest one they make.  What, are you planning on skinning a buck?  Why do you need a big knife?  blade for slicing avocados etc, scissors for dicing wild onions found on trail and nail trimming, crappy tweezers and pick… it’s all you need.

Black Diamond Traverse trekking poles.  Any poles are good.  These are orange.  I love orange. They have flick-locks not the lame twist locks but this pair only telescopes once so they’re still long, a bummer for flying but I like them.  Survive super fast rocky steep downhills, treacherous stream crossings, and put up your tent with them….

UrSack Minor and Loksak odor proof bag:  In all non-bear heavy areas, I love this setup!  Put all your food and smellies in here and tie it to a tree.  I used a figure 8 and double reef knot.  No annoying timewast hanging a bear-bag, no mice or marmots waking you up in the middle of the night poking around your food in fromt of your head!  Safe and responsible.

Stick Pic goes on the tip of your trekking pole.  Get a female-threaded case for your phone and BAM! you can shoot great self portraits and video.

Coffee and seasoning packets: Starbucks Via Columbian, salt and pepper, Taco Bell hot sauce, Mayo, Marconi Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil 1 oz, yellow mustard.

Nido Full fat dried milk (from the Mexican food area of Walmart)  add to coffee, oatmeal, carnation instant breakfast, mac-n-cheese etc.


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