review: NeoAir XLite Women’s sleeping pad

Freaking awesome.  Warm, super cozy for our big lady-hips.  But really noisy and crinkly.  Insanely light weight and rolls up tiny, the size of a water bottle.Image

Great for using solo.  NOT for duos.


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4 Responses to review: NeoAir XLite Women’s sleeping pad

  1. Erin/Wired says:

    Good to know you like it! It is the one big ticket item that I already have (other than maybe another tent) that I’m allowing myself to possibly get for the CDT.

    • wanderingdot says:

      I think it blows up faster, and stows/rolls up faster too. It’s a bit “smaller” as it’s curved instead of boxy, which is fine by me. I fold it in half and roll it up instead of thirds, which I think I did with the old NeoAir. It still takes more time than I’d like (sleep… now…) but better than before. And I tried the Z-Lite Z-rest on my weekend on the PCT recently and my hips did not appreciate that.

      It is freaking crinkly though. And you can see the new mylar space blanket inside will not hold up for too long, but that’s what improved the R-rating. Warm and cushy, no doubt.

      • Erin/Wired says:

        What do you mean about the mylar not holding up? I saw it in the store and could feel the added warmth just by putting my hand on it. Do you think it is just as sturdy as the original NeoAir?

      • wanderingdot says:

        When you fold it to roll it up… I’m sure it will split the Mylar at some point. But hey, the old one didn’t have the Mylar at all, which is what improves the R- value. I like it better than the old one b/c it’s more compact.

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