review: Go Pro Hero2 adventure camera

Oh boy!  I got one of these bad-boys for my trip to the Arctic!  It can do Hi-Def video, there are 3 different types of shots including a fish-eye type panorama!  I’m excited about the time-lapse photo options and I can mount it in its waterproof case to the ship.  COOL.

I got some accessories like the tiny tripod adaptor (so I can use a tripod or my Stick Pik on my trekking pole) and extra batteries and SD cards, and a new super small 1 Terrabyte external Hard Drive to store the video and pics on.  It comes with a head-mount band.  Way cool.  And these uber-sticky mounts to put on virtually anything.  I charged up all the batteries and should have an initial review soon!

For all you REAL camera-using people, you might want to check out the AirStash wireless big-storage zip stick thingy, it looks way cool- you can get your big nice photos from your camera onto your smart phone to upload them to… whatever Facebook or your blog or whatever!


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