Wilderness First Responder (WFR or “Woofer”) Certification Course

At last!

I’m almost 1/2 way thru an intensive WFR Cert course.  I had been searching for this course for a year in my area (Santa Fe, NM) and took a one day intro Wilderness First Aid course just over a year ago taught by the same instructors, who are FANTASTIC.

Carl Gilmore has decades of experience as an EMT, Ski Patrol,  SAR, and who knows what else,but this guy has heaps of knowledge for sure.  April Grisetti is younger but has over 5 years experience in the same fields plus as a Physician’s Assistant and together they are an ideal teaching combo!

My brain is a bit overwhelmed at the moment after two days intensive training and exercises in the field!  More next week as I mellow out.

Note: this particular course was designed for someone with limited TIME for a course so it meets Friday night, and all day Sat and Sunday over TWO weekends— not consecutive weekends (whew- a break!).

Thankful to be gaining such useful info and to learn to pack a good EMT kit for my truck and items for my upcoming CDT thru-hike.

Woo!  I’m a certified “woofer” Wilderness First Responder!  From WMA it lasts for three years.  What a great experience!


IMG_3326    IMG_3313  IMG_3320




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