CDT hike postponed

Yup.  Not gonna do it this year.

It’s very unlike me to plan something and cancel it.  It’s the finances.  I have been working non-stop at at least two jobs consistently for the year and a half since I completed the PCT.  The month of February I didn’t have a single day off and worked lots of overtime while also taking my Wilderness First Responder courses on weekends.  It was insane.  The stress caused my “problem” discs in my neck to swell up painfully again.

And still, with killing my body working so much, there’s no way I’ll have enough money for the hike.  While I saved what I could and put thousands of dollars on credit cards to complete the PCT, and totally had faith that it would work out, and I’d find a job quickly after the hike and all… (and I DID)  and I paid off the debt and started to save for the CDT, I don’t want to be in that boat again.

Plus, I’m friggin exhausted.  I don’t wanna walk across the country right now.  Once I finally got  a day off, my new path became clear.  I need TO CHILL.  So I’m taking the next two and a half months off.  I’m supposed to be an artist first of all things, I need to get back into that!  I live in lovely Northern New Mexico, there’s great hiking around here.

I got me a lawn chair and a puppy.  I wanna sip iced tea, ride my motorcycle.  Train this new puppy (got last week) to ride in a basket on my bicycle and to wear her own backpack- to run and hike with me.  I want to work in my art studio, to read, to have time to reflect….

I will follow this year’s CDTers and learn a lot.  Hopefully next year I’ll be ready.  For now I need to start living my life for reals- not just living between hikes.

Best to all you hikers, and I’ll post excerpts from hikers I follow here.


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Thru-hiking the PCT 2011, CT 2014, Ice Age Trail 2017 Artist/sculptor, professor, master fabricator
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4 Responses to CDT hike postponed

  1. HYOH, which sometimes means waiting til the time is right. The hike’ll be much more enjoyable when you’re mentally wanting it. Plus, the puppy needs some bonding time; it sounds like you’ve got a lovely summer in store!
    Thanks for all the PCT info, it’s been invaluable as we plan for it!

    • wanderingdot says:

      Thanks, much appreciated! It was a hard reality situation, but the clear choice. I still feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. Sleep and recovery seem right. And I hope to be rewarded with a super trail dog in the future. Good luck with your hike on the PCT! You’ll love it! I’m glad my blog was helpful for you two!

  2. Grin'n says:

    I think you are doing the right thing. It needs to feel right. You need to be ready in fluid motion. in tune with life and nature. The CDT will be there next year waiting and begging you to wander it trail.

    Grace and Peace

    • wanderingdot says:

      Thanks. Yes, it does need to feel right, and it feels forced instead. I’ll do it when it is right, and I’ll be ready, especially with the knowledge I learn from all my buddies hiking it this year!

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