re-designing my Cook kit

Obsessed with creating the smartest, lightest, most efficient heet backpacking stove continues!

I still like my cheap setup with Walmart grease pot, cozy, custom collapsible caldera cone, and soda can stove… but the pot is way bigger than I need (so I don’t like how it fits in my pack) but what I like about the Walmart grease pot is that it is wider than it is tall.  This is more effient for heating, and I just plain like that.

I still believe my collapsible caldera cone is excellent for a pot stand/wind insulator.

I will experiment with more types of soda can stoves, including the smaller v-8 or Red Bull type cans.  I will try a Skurka-style Super Cat, but I dislike the open fuel and prefer the enclosed soda can.  In 3,000 miles of hiking the stove will get nudged.  I don’t like a spill and prefer the safety of the enclosed stove with some fiberglass soaking up the fuel.

I believe the best solo pot choice is the Lite Trail Titanium Cookpot w/lid @ 2.12 oz.  It holds 16 oz water and has no frills.  It is wider than it is tall: (3.74 in x 3.15 in) and I will remove the handles and grind off the handle-holding metal!  I will make and Erik the Black style pot cozy, of course, and see if I can design a collapsible caldera cone and stove to fit inside.

Stay tuned for details within a month.  See my old/current system here:


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Thru-hiking the PCT 2011, CT 2014, Ice Age Trail 2017 Artist/sculptor, professor, master fabricator
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One Response to re-designing my Cook kit

  1. wanderingdot says:

    I just ordered the pot! I also picked up some LiteTrail NyloBarrier Odor Proof Bag (3-Pack) to try out. I generally use OPSacks inside a URSack Minor to store my food, but I recall watching a video by Stick (Stick blogs) mentioning how these are lighter weight… worth a try as all sacks wear out anyhow! Stay tuned for my new tweeked kit!

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