About Me

I’m a 42 year old “Artist / Adventurer”. I’ve done 19 artist residency programs since getting my MFA in sculpture in 2003.  I’ve travelled a lot in the US, Europe, the Canadian Maritimes,  China and Tibet, and the Norweigian ARCTIC!  I’ve worked as a sailor and lived on my own little boat awhile.  I currently teach sculpture and work freelance.  I take my puppy hiking, ride a classic motorcycle, and volunteer with Atalaya Search and Rescue.

me on top of Forester Pass on my 2011 PCT thru-hike

I love backpacking, and have become a gear nerd.  I hiked 300 mi in 3 weeks on the AT as my first “long-distance” (ha-ha) trip, a prep for my successful thru-hike of the PCT in 2011.  I did the CT in 2014. Follow along as I explore other fun trails!

Ask me questions. Say hi.  Email wanderingdot007@gmail.com

Videos on my hikes and gear on YouTube


9 Responses to About Me

  1. Annie says:

    Hi Wanderingdot…! I’ll be following you on your travels…! Don’t kill me with that 1″ swiss army knife of yours.
    -I need me a trail name

  2. tjamrog says:

    Best wishes on hiking this season, which looks like it might be tougher than was last year. I’ve been closely following the snow reports and I’d recommend light snowshoes, if I were to head up to the Sierras this year. I’d also rustle up a cheap gps for avoiding losing the trail in the snow. You are in for some serious adventures, but you already are looking forward to that, right?

    • wanderingdot says:

      Thanks man. Yep, this year seems an odd one for sure. Any links for good weather watching would be appreciated. I check the Pct-L and a few other sources but ain’t no old hat on this.

      • Craig says:

        We really enjoyed reading of your trek through to Canada after Stampede Pass, WA. We met you on the trail during huckleberry scoutin just after your big hamburger meal! Your documentary of the scenery is great too! I know Tom and Verna in Santa Fe, 505-690-4108 if you care to call them and please ask them to call Craig! Good luck on future hikes.

      • wanderingdot says:

        Thanks! Nice to chat with you guys. I’m settling in to my place in Santa Fe, things are looking good.

  3. Joseph Sylvester Bajo says:

    Hi Wandering Dot this is Joe and Section Hiker Bill saying Hi. We both headed out of Lake Morena Sunday moring May 1. I dropped out about the 40 mile mark: however, I am extremely appreciative of the efforts of all hikers and those who support them. The comradery part is cool and I’m with you in spirit. I walk your footsteps vicariously I realllllyyyyy do. OK Joe saying CAIO.

  4. NANCY says:

    Hi Wanderingdot and Han Solo,

    It’s nancy. If you want a ride back to the trail when youre ready to leave Tahoe give me a call and I can drop you off. It is impossible to get picked up hitching here so it may take you awhile to get there otherwise. Let me know if you want a lift!

    If I don’t see you have a fabulous rest of your trip and I hope you enjoyed Tahoe!!! Take care.


  5. Scout says:

    Hi Wanderingdot, I am planning my first thru hike this summer on the CT. Hoping to leave June 22/23rd (allows me to be back in time to put my mom hat back on for the start of school in August), but I am rethinking this with the high snow pack levels reported. I actually live just 15 minutes from the start of the trail (right by Waterton Canyon).

    • wanderingdot says:


      Well I hope I see you out there! I have to start from Indian Creek, the dog-friendly alternative on June 24-25.
      I really think planning for 5 weeks is realistic- I always start out slow before I get in the groove. If you have time to run over a tad into August, you’ll totally be fine! Altitude will be strenuous, and I’m bringing a dog- the hike is way more enjoyable when you have some leeway in your schedule to take a day off whenever you need to rest, etc.

      I heard it was an “average” snow year- pass along any sources of info if you have em! I’m not worried about the snow at all, we’re starting a tad late so it’ll melt a bit more. That said- I thrued the PCT in the biggest snow year in recorded history, and managed it alright, so everything else seems like a relief.

      I don’t think I’ve heard hikers take an ice axe on the CT, is that right? All the photos and videos I’ve seen aren’t snowy at all. Traversing big snowy areas are not a big deal when your pack weight is low, you have microspikes for AM cold temp hikes, use trekking poles, and you can follow in footsteps in melty PM. No fear! Accepting your choice to do a thru-hike, come-what-may can be a huge motivator- ya just do it. What have you heard to deter you?

      You’re a mom? Thruhiker mom! Fantastic! I hiked some on the PCT with a dad and his pre-teen daughter. She is now the youngest Triple Crowner! (and an inspiration to many) If you have a blog or link to your gear list, I wanna see! I use postholer.com to see what other hikers choose for gear.

      PS I’ll be posting a shout-out looking for a ride from town to the TH as it approaches, if you have hiker trash loving people in the area….
      Prob. will leave my truck somewhere in Durango and drive a rental car to Denver so my dog can ride stress-free.

      Let me know how your planning is going, thanks for the note!

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